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Minecraft: Making Connections

So I finished my renovation project of the Dune Village this week, finally replacing the last of the sand with dirt so the Savanna grass can grow up inside. Here’s what it looks like now… you can see there’s still a little patch where the grass needs to grow, but it’s coming along.


I’ll probably build a few more structures and mess around with the village a bit more on down the line. But, once I finished that project, I went looking for another.

I decided to place a road to connect Dune Village to my original Home Base and Floating Island (which I still want to work on more). So, for the past couple of days, I’ve taken all the stacks of sand and dirt I have to build a road. Where the path crossed desert, I placed dirt on either side of a block of sand to make a path. When I hit greener land, I used sand as a road instead.

This worked out pretty well! You can see my little path winding across the map below.


So, while I was checking out the map that generated using Minecraft Overviewer, I noticed there’s another village out there, located east-ish of Dune Village.

newvillageOnce I get everything organized at home, that’ll be my next target of exploration. Especially since it’s a nice, green village that I won’t need to terraform.


But for now, I’ve decided to stay a little bit closer to home. Namely, I realized why grass wasn’t spreading over my floating island construct — because I had been using coarse dirt rather than normal dirt as the surface. Once I started putting down real dirt, the grass started spreading. So, seeing that, I’m going to work on expanding that sky base a bit more.



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6 thoughts on “Minecraft: Making Connections

  1. Oh, I see you have a mesa biome as well near that new village. That is a great source of colorful blocks for projects, and if you generated it after 1.10, it might even have a whole bunch of abandoned mines and such to explore.


    1. Yes, I don’t have any mods installed at all. I wanted to fully explore vanilla first so that I could appreciate the content when I installed future mods — there are a few I want to mess with one day!


      1. Cool thanks! Also thanks for mentioning that Overviewer tool. Turns out I have a village not too far away from my starting area. (You inspired me to install Minecraft and take it for a spin again!)

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        1. Very cool! I’d love to see what your map looks like if you decide to blog about it! 😀

          I’d also love to hear about the changes you observe since the last time you played it. I’m still pretty new to it, so I don’t know how all it’s developed over time.


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