FFXIV: Stormblood – Samurai Confirmed and Doma!

Guys! Guys! The hype meter just went off the scale for me!

Samurai was announced, and that was no huge surprise, though a pleasant confirmation.

But what I didn’t see coming (though I should have given the fact that SAM come from Doma) was the full-feature inclusion of Doma itself.

Holy crap! DOMAAAAA! *battle cry*


This (and that amazing undewater city above!!) is what the team has been sitting on secretly, and I’m blown away and super excited! I totally want housing in Doma! 

That was just off the top of my head, but it looks like we’re GETTING HOUSING IN DOMA!

Move feature please???

And it’s been confirmed: “Also house moving feature coming”

Oh man! New house for me!

Here’s the new FULL Stormblood trailer:

About Samurai


What we know about SAM, taken from Reddit Live Thread:

  • SAM is melee DPS
  • Job Quest begins in Eorzea
  • Start level: 50
  • Associated class: none
  • Main weapon: Katana
  • Battle design: Gear is same as Monks
  • Art of Sen, and its 3 forces: setsu, getsu, and ka
  • Store energy in katana to unleash special attacks
  • Timing of these attacks are big part of combat

With only two jobs added, and both being DPS, they addressed a few other concerns:

  • Earlier they talked about DPS queue times and have been watching statistics during 3.x so they felt it would work out okay. People who play heal/tank typically stayed that role
  • They hope to breath new life into existing tank & healer with the combat refresh



  1. The details of this “combat refresh” are what really interest me. I really hope FFF will offer those up.

    Meanwhile, what has been shown is outstanding. I don’t think I’m going to roll the new classes, but I can’t wait to see them in action. 😀

    1. I am also waiting on information about the combat refresh. I’m putting a lot of hope in it.

      Red Mage has been a loved Job of mine since FF11, so I’ll be making the switch for sure, as long as the job isn’t too hybrid-confusing. I like the look of SAM, too, and the fact that it will use the same gear as the Monk I just leveled is an incentive to roll one.

  2. Have to say i did not see our trip to Othard coming at all and was made up when it was announced!

    There’s a little wishful thinking if they think DPS queues aren’t going to be horrible after 4.0 hits though. However, that’s the only negative from the reveal for me. I know there’s PotD but, in my opinion, that is great for levelling but lousy for learning.

    I mean, how cool does Samurai look?

    I want all the Katanas! 😀

  3. I’m worried about queue times anyway, though. Sure — healers and tanks stayed in their roles during 3.x. But we also got shiny new jobs within the role! I’m betting it will work differently with no new healer/tank — just like in any other MMO when a DPS class is added, or for that matter like when ninja was added to FFXIV.

    But also, as a deeply identified healer, I’m sad that healers don’t get a new toy. Because new jobs are fun! It’s not just about queue times for DPS’ers, it’s also about making Stormblood feel full-featured for committed healers and tanks.

    Oh, well, though. The new zones look amazing!

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