FFXIV: Hildibrand and Paladining

Until next week, when I finally take a day off for the Nintendo Switch release on Friday (yay!), work is going to be pretty crazy for me. Due to that, I’m trying not to do too many stressful things when I sit down to game.

So, last night, when Syn asked me what I wanted to do, I suggested that we catch up with the Hildibrand quest line. We haven’t played in several patches, which is a sad thing for two reasons: I genuinely enjoy Hildibrand and the zany humor, and I LOVE Vivi from FFIX. There’s really no reason for me to NOT have played these quests before.

Mrs. Manderville agrees.

So, anyhow, we played through several patches of the Hildibrand quest line last night. We haven’t quite finished it, but I think we’re on the newest quests finally. I really want that Vivi minion — they even had him adjusting his hat in game and so many Vivi mannerisms. So cute!

Aside from that, I’ve been working on leveling my Paladin. Last night, I got from level 50.5 to level 52!

“But, Wren,” you say, “I thought you were taking it easy?”

I was! I was really surprised at how easily these first two post-50 levels came. I know that changes as time goes on, though.

I ran one Leveling Roulette, which pushed me the half level I needed to 51. I then hit up all the beast tribe quests, which netted me another half level. From there, I worked on Fates in Coerthas Western Highlands, which pushed me up to 52.

I was doing FATEs for two reasons. First, it helped me level. And second, I am truly starting on my fourth Anima weapon. While I have the quest activated on Monk right now, I’m gathering crystals for the Paladin Anima weapon. I plan on dropping the quest once Paladin gets to 60, or I get all the crystals. Whichever comes first.

Yes, I was serious about that Anima weapon for Paladin glamour. I’ll probably not get it until after Stormblood releases, but I’m going to work on it!  I got my first three crystals last night, so it’s off to a good start!