March Gaming Goals

It’s two days before the Nintendo Switch is released. As of this moment, my preorder looks to be in good shape. Whether or not this goes through will determine what my March gaming goals look like. I’ve set aside Steam gaming this month to really focus on Zelda.

Nintendo Switch Launch

  • Dive deep in Zelda – Breath of the Wild ✓

Final Fantasy XIV

  • Upgrade Dragoon Gear ✓
  • Upgrade Alt Job Gear ✓
  • Finish Umbrite Anima Relic Step✓
  • Level Paladin ✓
  • Earn scrips for Crafter and Gatherer ✓

I’m really curious what the new Deliveries system is bringing to crafters and gatherers. I’m hoping it’ll be a way to catch up with the  folklore books and all the gear that I simply don’t have access to at this point for those jobs… because I just don’t have play time to gather Tomes for my adventurer AND Scrips for my crafters/gatherers.

Part of me feels it’s so late in the game, with the expansion coming soon, that it’s probably not worth the effort of bringing my crafting/gathering up. But who knows. They said that Deliveries is a system that will be expanded in Stormblood. That would be nice!