FFXIV: New Bard Glamour & Gathering Gear Upgrades!

So, today, I put together a new Bard glamour. It used the Astral Silk Robe, which I’ve seen so rarely on our server’s market up until now. I just remembered to go look for it this afternoon, and there was one, so I snatched it up. Even beyond this glamour there’s a lot I can do with this robe!

I determined that Wine Red dye is the best to match Amon’s Hat, and went to town making glamour prisms and figuring out what parts to use for the rest of the outfit. I’m not usually a fan of red, but since the hat and the bow were both red, the outfit followed.

I’ve also been working on upgrading my gathering gear this weekend. Yesterday, Syn won the Three Line on the Wondrous Tales journal, and gifted me the amazing blue gathering gloves. (Thank you!!) That, coupled with a trip to the Diadem, where I discovered my ilvl is too low to try the gathering mission, prompted me to take a look at my gear and improve on it.

I saw quickly that my accessories were the culprit. While the stats were acceptable, the ilvls ranged from 120 to 140. So, I spent some time fishing and earning some Blue Scrips, as well as figuring out the rotation for collectables, to upgrade my right side and belt entirely to 180.

With this, my ilvl is just a little shy of what I need it to be to get in the Diadem for gathering. I’ll put some effort into the gathering deliveries this week to get the Goblin Dice I need to upgrade them even further. That should do the trick!