FFXIV: Heavensward’s End (No Spoilers), Level 60 Paladin & Fan Art

Last night, I finally completed leveling my Paladin to 60. Seeing that I hit 50 not all that long ago, and I actually got pretty lazy about leveling for a few weeks, that’s not too bad! I could certainly see myself using this route to level other jobs to 60 in the future.

Speaking of which, I’m trying to decide what job to tackle next. I have Ninja, Black Mage and Warrior all sitting in the mid 30s at this moment. I’m probably going to take on Black Mage simply because it shares gear with Summoner and eventually Red Mage, and that’ll allow me to consolidate gear on down the line. Who knows… I might end up liking Black Mage.

For now, my Paladin’s gear is pretty crappy, so I might still do a few hunts to at least get a set of ilvl 200 across the board. I do have a few higher level drops I’ve gathered, but for the most part, there’s a lot to upgrade.

The End of Heavensward

FFXIV dropped patch 3.56, which brought the end of the story for Heavensward. I won’t go into any details that include spoilers today. I’ll talk more about my impressions tomorrow.


I’ll just say that finishing up this expansion through story reminded me why I’m still playing this game almost four years after I started. I’m not going to hype the story. I felt like it was a solid ending to one story… but more of a beginning to Stormblood than anything else. I enjoyed it, especially the characterization.

I’m also happy I switched back to a kitty for this before the story dropped. There’s just something about the Miqo’te’s  facial expressions that I missed when I switched to Elezen. My kitty has really grown on me in a short time.

In fact, I even sat down and drew my first ever piece of fan work for FFXIV. There’s something about my kitty’s hair that inspires art.



  1. I enjoyed the sketch!

    I’ve been debating… I’m thinking I might get back into the game after Stormblood comes out, just so the XP from the quests I haven’t done yet will actually go to leveling instead of vanishing into thin air. It was annoying having to grind hunts in the middle of the storyline of Heavensward.

  2. I finished the story last night myself, but won’t blog about it probably until next week sometime. though I’ll be traveling and won’t have my gaming desktop with me, so it might be a little longer.

    It was nice to see that the speculation of who the lady in red in the SB trailers was both right and wrong simultaneously and how they handled it to make it that way.

  3. We plan to start working on story tonight. I am hoping it revitalizes my motivation to play. The Switch has kind of taken hold of my gaming life and FFXIV has suffered for it.

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