FFXIV: Patch 3.56 Story Thoughts (Spoilers)

Warning: Will contain spoilers for patch 3.56

This week, FFXIV patched the last of the story we’ll see during the Heavensward development cycle. Unlike the ending of 2.0, I feel this is less of an “end” and more of a transition or beginning. We certainly do have strong reasons to move into Ala Mhigo and Doma now, which was what this patch set the stage for.

The story introduced the backdrop of the struggle between Shinryu, the dangerous and powerful primal whom I’m sure we haven’t seen the end of, and Omega, an Allagan construct that is equally as dangerous and powerful. I can’t say that I really know where this part of the plot was going, but some of the other elements of this patch were predictable.

Character Developments

The best part of this patch is, hands down, the character development. There were many laugh out loud moments regarding the interesting choice of characters now involved in the MSQ.

First, we’re introduced to Gosetsu, a samurai from Doma. First glance might mistake him as a somber and stolid warrior, but he quickly proves to be a comical inclusion. Also, a hype for the new job… of course. I won’t say he has layers and layers of characterization yet, but he has potential. Part of the time, he’s a duty-bound samurai, but that’s often foiled by a more open and eccentric personality.

Next, we have the return of Nero. Now, I’ll admit that I was giddy to see this character return as he was an interest of mine from the 2.0 story as well as the Crystal Tower quests. I knew he was up to no good, and now I’m still not sure what kind of trouble he’s stirring up.

The team has really worked to expand his personality quite a bit, and he makes a good contrast to most of the Scion characters. He’s untrustworthy on one hand, but charming and likeable on another. I’m going to have a hard time swallowing it when/if he betrays us.

And finally, the transition many of us predicted. Yda is, indeed, the red-clad monk from the Stormblade trailer, and her real name is Lyse. Congrats to the guy who first figured that out and posted an in-depth theory on how it might work.

I’m not quite sure how I feel about the “I took my dead sister’s place as a Scion” bit… because I’d expect the other Scions to be clever enough to ask questions and notice that one of their own was acting rather strange. Especially as eccentric as Yda Lyse is. But it is what it is.

It’s going to be weird to rename her to Lyse in my head, though.

And thus, almost all the 1.0 characters have been redesigned, killed off, retired, exposed, or recreated completely. I talked about this in a previous patch post. However, if changing canon characters makes for a better story, I can deal with it.

Overall, I enjoyed the story this patch and liked that it was well-paced with just as much humor as serious business. I’m interested in seeing how the group dynamic will play out.

Oh, and we got some new threads from Tataru, too!