FFXIV: Cloud Mount & Eastern Journey Attire on Different Races

FFXIV: Cloud Mount & Eastern Journey Attire on Different Races

Yesterday, I claimed my FFXIV Cloud Mount and Eastern Journey Attire DLC from the Amazon promotion. I did have to hop on to support chat with Amazon to get the code as I hadn’t gotten it several hours after making my purchase. Support was very nice and very fast in producing the code, and I had my stuff in a few minutes. So if you haven’t gotten your code from Amazon yet, try hitting up their online chat  support!

Last night, I spent a good deal of time claiming the content on my different alts just to see how it looked for each. I know some of the taller races actually sit on the cloud, rather than stand, and that caused some annoyance for some players.

There’s an idle animation and a ground-mount animation for the cloud. Then, when you actually fly, that’s when you get the cool Dragonball poses.

Seeing that only two of my characters are high level enough to fly, I can only show those.

Here’s my Moonkitty:


And here’s Tai:


My non-flying characters…

Here’s Zemi:


And here’s Hedge Mouse:


So, they all seem pretty similar.

I also really like the Eastern Journey Attire! You can see the whole undyed outfit with the Dragoon weapon at the top of this post.

But I especially see myself using this for Zemi, whom I’m leveling Ninja and maybe Samurai in the future. Here he is in his red and gold getup! Now I just need a rice hat.


Overall, the quality of the DLC is excellent. A mount, an outfit and a weapon as a bonus on top of purchasing something for $20 on Amazon is a good deal. I ended up picking up a Nintendo eShop card for the future because I know I’ll be spending some money in the market sooner or later (Stardew for Switch!).

All in all, I’m happy with it! (And so is Zemi.)

Random. I love how this /changepose on the Au Ra male /sit makes them flop down with arms crossed. 🙂


6 responses to “FFXIV: Cloud Mount & Eastern Journey Attire on Different Races”

  1. I think I’ll buy a 60-day timecard to get mine, that way it’s the same that I was gonna spend on my sub anyway. Though knowing me I’ll give the card to a friend so he can play for 2 more months….

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      • well I hope there is I really want one I want to be Goku O.o I onyl just got the game saw someone on i was like OMG i want it. Oh well broken heart now guess maybe it will come one day. Ty for that information


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