April Gaming Goals in Review

So the month of April is almost over, and with the event of Mario Kart releasing tonight, and an Anniversary Event I’m hosting for my FC this weekend, I doubt I’ll get much more done on my goals. That’s okay, because most of them are done anyhow, so I may as well report them!

So how’d I do?

Zelda: BotW

  • Defeat second Divine Beast

This didn’t get done, mostly because my Switch was out of commission for several weeks this month. I did get the dock replaced, and it looks like it should be in tip top shape for Mario Kart, but it really broke my groove on Zelda.

I did reach the next major town and did see the second Divine Beast in a cutscene, but that’s as close as I’ve come to beating him. I’ll have to give it another try next month!

Final Fantasy XIV

  • Complete Singing Cluster Stage of Dragoon Relic ✓
  • Level Black Mage ✓
  • Upgrade Crafter Tools ✓
  • Buy Fokelore Book ✓
  • Buy Master IV Crafting Book(s) ✓

I did really well on my FFXIV goals this month, however.

I finished my Dragoon Relic…  well… up the stage I can stomach right now. It’s an ilvl 260 weapon, so honestly, that’s good enough for me. I can’t see myself seriously farming light for a weapon that’s going to be outdated in a few months. I’ll wait until they nerf it and finish it for glamour someday.

I have been leveling my Black Mage. While I didn’t reach level 50 yet, I’m just half a level shy of level 40, so that’s not terrible. I haven’t been working on this nightly, so I can’t be too disappointed in this. Black Mage is slowly growing on me as a job, though.

I did upgrade one of my crafter tools, but most of my focus has been on gatherer gear. I purchased a full set of ironworks, put some materia in it, and got to work on buying miner Fokelore books.

This allowed me to reach my goal of earning my first Blessed tool – the Blessed Minekeep’s Pickaxe!

I’ve also been buying Master IV books as I’ve earned random scrips from my Squad. This has been pretty slow going since most of my concentration has been on gathering, but I’ve managed to squeeze a few of them in there.

Over all, not a bad month!