FFXIV: Our Free Company’s 3rd Anniversary

Tomorrow, May 1, is the 3rd anniversary of the founding of our FFXIV Free Company, Knights of Memory. Since it is on a Monday night, we polled our members and decided to hold the actual celebration event on Saturday instead.

Now, when it comes to things like this, I’m pretty good at organizing the foundation of the overall event, putting up event webpages, and hyping it on our Discord.

And while we had a poll out there to determine the interest of our main attraction, the Glamour Contest (with prizes from the Mog Station), I wasn’t sure of what the overall attendance would be. Well, this ended up being our turnout (with a few coming in later):

Our FC has doubled in size since our last anniversary, and it’s really quite amazing to see everyone all in the Discord channel like last night.

I’m also still pretty voice-chat shy, so I was very nervous about trying to conduct the event with so many people! But thankfully, I had the assistance of more outgoing FC folks like Vix and Bean. We were also very thankful to the team who set up the fantastic location for our Glamour Contest!

Everyone did a great job with their glamours! And a huge thanks to judges who help choose the winners!

Zeb was not a glamour contest winner. XD

After that, we all went out to Central Shroud for a game of hide n seek for in-game goodies.

Overall, I feel like the event went over really well. We had a lot of people organizing the small details (that surprised even me) and made it something special.

We even had greeters and everything!

And seeing that I only gave the announcement for this event about a week in advanced, it was amazing and unexpected how fast everyone pulled this together!

Thanks to everyone who helped and attended. I’ve always said that it’s the folks in the FC that make it what it is, and I’m very honored to be a part of this. Here’s to another great year!