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FFXIV: Black Mage & FC Fun

A lot happened over this weekend, mostly dealing with folks in my FC. But let me start with the more boring stuff first — my progress in leveling Black Mage!

My goal is to hopefully get to level 50 this month, and I’m well on my way. Last night, I got to level 46, struggled through my level 45 quests, and unlocked the first part of my artifact armor.

Yay for pointy hats!


Now for our Free Company fun!

First, on Friday night, we held an Aquapolis run to help earn funds for our upcoming FC house upgrade and move. We ended up having two parties treasure hunting before the end of the night, earned a good bit of Gil, and even cleared the 7th floor more than once!


On Saturday, two of our FC members held a wedding event. It had a pretty great turnout!

Vix, Xaa and I spent time figuring out what we were going to wear the night before.


The night of the event was fun for all!



And the bride had some tricks up her sleeves for us.


But most of all, we were there to have a good time.



After the event, we all got on our egg mounts…


And stormed Quarrymill!


Zeb’s Hairdos

Though, I really think someone should take away Syn’s right to aesthetician. So for the night of our FC Anniversary glamour event, Zeb turned up looking like this:


And then, later that night like this…


For the wedding, she dyed Zeb’s hair blue and orange (the wedding colors) and gave him a goatee.



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