Disgaea 5 Demo (Noob Vision)

I’ve known about the Disgaea series since the first game released years and years ago, but never played any of it. I even own one on Steam, and was told I needed to play it. It was just not on my radar, not even Disgaea 5, which is releasing on the Nintendo Switch next week.

So, I’m coming into the series as a noob that’s only distantly heard (good) things about Disgaea. I knew it was humorous. I judged that it was probably wild and over-the-top in an anime type way. And while I enjoy good anime, I’ve kinda lost tolerance for crazy eye-roll anime as I’ve gotten older.

I don’t remember what convinced me to try out the Disgaea 5 Demo that came out on the Switch this week, but I’m glad I did.

Note #1: I did not expect to like this game.

Note #2: I ended up really liking what I played of the demo.

Again, this is from someone who knows nothing about the series, and was wondering why conversations on the Reddit about Disgaea all ended in “dood.” I quickly found out (and fell in love with prinnies).


So, yeah. The game has a zany, take-me-as-I-am feel to the humor that isn’t too overwhelming partly because it seems to be poking fun at itself… or at least, at annoying anime tropes. For example, I’d like to dump Seraphina and her “Ohohohoho!” laugh… but I get the feeling she’s like that specifically because the game wants to point out how annoying this anime character type is.


All these years, I’ve also stereotyped Killia when I saw him on the covers of these games, imagining him as the annoying, powerful, emo guy who doesn’t care about anyone and sulks through the whole story. And that turned out to be… really not true so far.

He has a bit of that aloof tough-guy act, but at the same time, he goes out of his way to help Seraphina learn how to fight for herself, even if she’s forcing him into the situation.


He has a logical and mellow approach to most things, which reminds me of one of my own characters (Tai). I think that this helps to off-set a lot of the other more eccentric characters and situations and make the game palpable for me.


I can sense a deep strategy game underneath all this. I was amused by the combo and throw system, and interested in developing my hired troops. Though some of my pre-made Prinny troops had some… interesting names.


As someone who knows nothing about how the game worked, the first few battle scenarios did a lot to help teach me some of the systems. I like how the game kept the tutorials in character the whole time, too. This is how you do a game tutorial.


I have a feeling that I’ve only scratched the surface of the battle systems since I stopped playing the game as soon as I felt like I was sold on it. Good thing that I did, since the demo save doesn’t carry over into the real game when it releases next week. I quickly deleted the demo so that I wouldn’t be tempted to spoil anymore for myself.


Trading In Smash

I did pre-order this game. While it was fairly expensive from Amazon, I got a nice 20% off the pre-order as a Prime member. I also have started to trade in some of my pre-owned Wii U games I know that I’ll probably never play again, so I had some extra cash from that on my Amazon account.

The game I traded was Super Smash Bros for the Wii U. Gasp and horror, I know. How dare I trade in Smash?

The truth is, my sister and I both tried to play this game together a few years back… and neither of us liked it all that much. The new Smash games are just all over the place. We both felt there was too much going on and it became overwhelming quickly. Plus the bulky Wii U controller really didn’t work well for a battle game for me.

We loved the original Smash and even Brawl, but this new Smash was just not that fun for us.

I picked it up as a Lightning Deal on Amazon around Black Friday, so I only payed about $34 for it originally. But it was still one of those games I had a lot of buyer regret about since I just couldn’t get into it.

Thankfully, I could trade it in to Amazon for $20… so while I did lose some money on the purchase, I felt it was better to trade it towards a game I knew I’d play rather than see it gather dust here to never be touched again. I haven’t sold a physical copy of a game in a very, very long time as I usually keep them for my collection, but this just bugged me, so I pulled the trigger.

Fare well Smash!

Oh, and for the record, trading a game into Amazon was super painless. They even pay the shipping and immediately credit your account for the trade in.


  1. Disgaea seems like a PERFECT Switch game. For some reason I don’t have the patience to play turn-based strategy games in front of the TV for very long, but being able to get up and take the Switch elsewhere to keep playing sounds ideal.

    Are there touch controls?

    Zelda, Arms, Disgaea….that’s 3. I only need 2 more games I want to push the Switch into the Buy column. Assuming Nintendo ever manages to stock store shelves with the thing!

    1. I didn’t think to try out if there were touch controls, sorry! I tend to play it more on my TV as a console. *laughs* But the joy-cons feel really good, whether you attach them to the system for handheld or to the grip (I’ve never played them one in each hand).

      It’s a bummer that the system is so tough to get. They had them on sale for Amazon Prime members earlier this week, and I was able to snag one for a friend who hasn’t been able to get one up until now. She got the Neon version, too, lucky. 🙂

      Switch is also getting a nice steady flow of indie games confirmed for the system that’s quite exciting. I heard that Owlboy was just confirmed for release, which I was hoping for, and promptly pulled that title off my Steam wishlist. I’d rather play it on the Switch. Can’t wait for Stardew Valley, either, despite double dipping on it!

  2. I need to play Disgaea… I have the original on Steam, and my brother has been having fun with it.

    But I also have a hundred other games I haven’t played on Steam…

  3. There are just so many games that fit the Switch perfectly. All the graphics-lite games are perfect. So many of the indy games i bought on steam would play perfectly on the Switch (Enter the Gungeon, Luftrausers).

  4. I can’t believe they made Disgaea 5 dood! I have played 3 of them and only beaten the first one. I absolutely loved it. Unfortunately, I have to be in a tactics mood in order to play the games. Even if they have great stories and hilarious dialog dood. Enjoy and try not to laugh yourself to death XD

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