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I saw these floating around on Tumblr this weekend, so I created some for my own characters, and put them on a character page on this blog.

I thought I’d share the card creator site for anyone who might like to do the same!

And yeah, I’m officially switching my main job to Bard between now and Stormblood. I saw a video about the new Dragoon, and I’m not sure if I’m going to enjoy it a whole lot. I’ll mess around with it on Tai, but I think between Bard and Red Mage, I have my main job covered.


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  1. I just got back into FF XIV. Started a new character since I couldn’t remember how to play. I’m 100% on PS4 and spending a lot of time learning/practicing how to target accurately and quickly. The difference between soft and hard targeting continues to trip me up…

    Anyway, to the point. Is there any way to trade items between alts, without involving other players? I’d live to trade some stuff between old character and new but so far I can’t see a way to do that. Am I missing something?

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    • Sadly, there’s not unless you have both alts in the same Free Company, and place items you want to trade in the FC chest, then retrieve it with the other character. Our FC allows our chest to be used for that because we know what a pain it is to move things between characters. But not every FC might allow it — I’d ask first.


      • Thanks. I’m not in a FC yet. My old characters never got far so it’s probably no big deal. I had like 5,000 gil and thought that was a lot until I priced apartments (500,000 gil) so I’ll just start fresh. Got my airship permit this afternoon. Woo! I’m an envoy!

        And more importantly, replaced the subligar and leather harness for something a little more modest. LOL!


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