FFXIV: Top 7 Things I Loved from Heavensward

Since Stormblood is just around the corner, I’ve decided to make a few posts thinking back over Heavensward in general. What did I like? What didn’t I like? What was just meh?

Let me start with the good stuff! This is just opinion, totally, so your mileage my vary!

7. Squads


Though Squads came out as a slightly under-cooked feature, I like them for the potential they may hold. I also like how I’ve trained up my squads to bring me back crafting and gathering scrips. If you stick with your Squad and tailor them to your needs, they can actually be quite useful!

6. Quality of Life


Heavensward brought SO MUCH QoL improvement that it’s hard to remember or even pick through it all. Improvements to the duty finder/party finder, queuing with your chocobo out, the optimized gear equip button, egi glamours and more!

5. Beast Tribe Quests


I know this seems to be an odd thing to praise, but honestly, the beast tribe quests have played a huge role in helping me level various jobs, earning stuff for relic, and getting all my crafters to level 60. They don’t get nearly as much credit as they deserve, especially for being solid, repeatable, daily solo content that actually gives a good chunk of progress. Plus, I really enjoy the dances and the storylines that come with them.

4. Aquapolis


Aquapolis has been a major hit with many members of our Free Company. Not only is it casual and fun group content to do, but it actually does make a good chunk of gil if you get lucky. We did group treasure hunts to help fund our FC house upgrade, and I was surprised at how much you can actually make.

3. Custom Deliveries


I wish they’d released custom deliveries for crafters and gatherers sooner. I just couldn’t stomach the grind for yet another currency (scrips) to earn better gear, unlock recipes and ultimately, get those darn Fokelore books. In fact, I’d given up on getting any of it… until custom deliveries came about.

Thank you so much for giving casual crafters and gatherers a way to make progress! Because the grind before that was real.

2. Gpose


Gpose! Gpose!! What’s not to love about a feature that makes taking cool screenshots possible? Even more, the team keeps adding new expanded features and filters to Gpose. There’s really so much you can do with it that I probably don’t even know about!

1. Palace of the Dead


Palace of the Dead was something I was excited about the moment I heard the concept. It turned out to be what I think is one of the best features added in Heavensward. Some people knock it for the repetitive nature, and I understand that. However, you can use it to level, you can earn lots of neat loot, and you can build up to a nice weapon that stands on its own in end game content. It’s really a casual player’s happy spot, and I look forward to running it a million times to level my Red Mage in the future. 🙂

Those were my favorite Heavensward features. What are yours?

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