FFXIV: Stormblood Tidbits

I have a bunch of little things that I wanted to mention, but don’t really have a place for them. They’re too short to have their own posts, so here they are as quickie tidbits.

Tai’s New Hair

I knew from the benchmark that I would be changing Tai’s hair for Stormblood (as seen above). I did play him past the first story roadblock last night, and I got him some fairly nice Dragoon armor.

However, I just don’t know if I have the interest in playing Dragoon beyond this point. The more I read about the changes to it, the less I want to play it. I did start unlocking Samurai for him, but I’m way too focused on playing Red Mage to want to work on it.

This may be the point where I end up retiring Tai for good. I’m much too involved in Red Mage, and I really don’t have the energy to keep up a second alt. I won’t set this in stone, but it’s my general feeling right now.

FATEs Have Returned

I was so excited to see people running FATEs in both Heavensward and Stormblood areas. I’m happy for the perks the new FATEs have, and glad that they’re getting a bit of a boost to encourage people to play them again.

I took part in some of the early Heavensward FATE parties while leveling my Red Mage, just for old time’s sake. It didn’t take me long to out level that area, though, but it was fun to see soooooo many people out there on Friday.

Hunts Have Returned

Buying mount speed upgrades requires hunt seals. Hunts also give good experience for level 50-60 characters. So I’ve been back out there doing my daily hunts and Beast Tribe quests again.

Above, I saw Void Ark in the Sea of Clouds while on a hunt. I always screenshot Void Ark.

Fokelore Books

I finished my weekly gathering turn-ins only to be shocked with the fact that the cost of Heavensward Fokelore books have been halved. I was only hoping to buy the final Botany book I needed, and ended up buying one of the Fishing books, too.

It seems there are also new Fokelore books for Stormblood at the same price. I’ll be working on those, and the final Master IV crafter book I need to get.

Leveling Gatherers

I’ve also been back on the leveling boat for my gatherers. Doing the GC daily turn-ins will see me reach 62 tonight on miner and botanist. Fisher is a little slower, however.

I haven’t been putting full focus on this, but I am working on it as time allows.

Free Company Participation

Our FC participation this weekend has exploded! We reached an all-time high of 51 people logged in at the same time. Boy has it been busy. I screenshotted above where we had 50 folks online, but then, later we broke that record. 😀

It’s been a pretty incredible weekend, crashes and issues aside. Looking forward to this week!