FFXIV: STOP! Gather Time!

We’ve made a lot of progress through story this weekend in Stormblood, to the point where we may be facing our second Primal this afternoon. But before I get too ahead of myself talking about that, I wanted to discuss gathering progress and the level 65 gathering outfit. Especially the hat!

I wasn’t going to upgrade my gathering gear, because I honestly don’t really need to. The Ironworks gear was equal to or slightly better than this set, depending on the melds. But when I saw that hat and how the outfit came together, I went ahead and picked up the rest of the set for glamour.

I spent a good bit of time yesterday working on my Botanist and Miner, who are now both level 66. I’ve really not done a lot aside from the daily Grand Company turn-ins to level them, so this is pretty good progress.

One thing I did realize is that I hadn’t been doing the class quests along the way. So, I went back to see where I stood on those quest chains, and discovered that I’d never actually completed the level 60 end quest for Heavensward in either class. I did finish it for Fisher, though.

Soooo… my day was going back and picking up the slack, finishing the class quests up to 65. It’s quite worth it, because the skills and passive abilities you get for doing these quests are actually very good!

The level 63 skill improves your High Quality gather boost by quite a bit, depending on your Perception rating. The level 65 reward is a passive that automatically makes all un-reachable items reachable in nodes up to level 60. That’s actually really great! (Especially since I still need to go back and gather for my Blessed Mining tool one day.)

Now, Fishing progress… that’s another story. I’m having the absolute worst luck with it.

Even after upgrading my rod and melding it to improve my Gathering rating, more often than not, fish are getting away. And when fish get away, I can’t turn them in for leves. It’s been a circle of frustration, and one that I’ve actually seen mentioned on Reddit, so I’m not alone.

This guide was very helpful in showing me what I needed to concentrate on… if only I could actually reel in the fish!

I’m also trying to dabble with spear fishing, but again, more often than not, I don’t catch anything. Even though Sea Pickles are fish set for my level of leve.

Nevermind. I figured out what I was doing wrong with spearfishing. You have to wait until the node bubbles to strike it, or you will get nothing every time. Somehow I missed that in my excitement to unlock it. Reading comprehension FTW.

Now that I know THAT, experience has been quick to come and Sea Pickles are rolling in. I’m really enjoying spearfishing! XD

Don’t pay mind to what the video above says about the price of Sea Pickles, btw. They were hardly selling for 1000 gil on my server, and other servers are reporting price drops.

However, I do have a stack of HQ fish that I’ve been sitting on from Heavensward from back when I was fishing for Scrips. I had no idea they’d turn out to be worthwhile to keep, but those have been turning a lot of gil for me right now. I think they’re probably a level 60-61 Grand Company turn-in, so I’ve been unloading my stack on the AH a few at a time over the weekend.