FFXIV: Tales from the Duty Finder – The “Don’t Care” Healer

I had no intention to run Deltascape V4.0 last night when I logged in. I was in the middle of spearfishing when I mentioned to Vix that it was all I needed to run to finish up Omega. She decided that RIGHT THAT MOMENT was as good a time as any, so I watched the video, and we queued up for it.

It was just three of us, so we pulled a mostly PUG party. The fight that unfolded was… interesting… mostly due to the folks we had on this team. After playing it, I feel v4.0 is one of the easier fights of the four – there are lots of mechanics, which switch around, but they aren’t quite as harrowing as the previous three fights.

So, I’m not sure why it took us three tries to get this done.

It was obvious that some of the people in our PUG group knew each other and had queued together — perhaps both tanks… but certainly at least a tank and the other healer.

The other healer is going to be the focus of this post. Here’s an Astro with a huge fro and an outfit dyed completely gold. He also didn’t care about much of anything… or so he said about three different times during the fight. It baffles me why someone who doesn’t care would choose to be a healer… but anyway…

Vix commented to us that the run went way more rough than usual, that it’s generally a quick and easy clear. She also said she felt like she was healing it solo for the first couple tries.

So, after our first wipe, which didn’t even get to phase 2, they started to banter in party chat. The No-Care Healer was stuck on telling everyone that after he rezzes people, they get a moment of invincibility where they’re supposed to stop everything they are doing until they get a heal. He’s right about the invincibility, but a “moment” doesn’t mean something like 10 seconds.

So he’s in the middle of instructing the party to “use the invincibility brehs” when Vix decides to break out her strats macro, just in case there are (other) new folks who don’t know the fight. Here’s how that went…

I knew that was the point where this guy would be getting a Duty Finder post from me today. I will say that while the run was… interesting… I don’t recall anyone really getting nasty about it. It was more of a “meh” attitude. So I can give them all that much, at least.

So the next go round… I was rezzing a lot as a Red Mage. We got into the second phase, and that’s when things started going rough. Both healers went down, and we had a LB3 on the bar. I was frantically rezzing Vix so she could get the party back up (it didn’t happen, she died RIGHT in the middle of casting the LB).

That’s when I noticed Mr. No-Care Healer had been talking all during that while he was dead on the floor.

We did finally beat it on the third try, because I think people were tired of failing and decided to step it up a bit. I was still rezzing a lot, but we got through, despite my fear we might enrage.

I’m just glad I got Omega over with. I’ll probably run V4.0 one more time to help Syn through, but after that, I really don’t have a want or need to run it in the future. Too many other things to do!