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FFXIV: Worlds Collide

Last night, Syn surprised me by asking me to log into Ben so that Zeb could pick on meet up with him in game. I ended up taking a bunch of screenshots of the two outside of my main character’s house.

Of course, Zeb had to make trouble while he was there…


He zeroed in on making fun of the very thing I did on purpose — I gave Ben fairly prominent ears. This is something I planned from the start. I mean, think of how it’d feel to get transported to another world and suddenly have elf ears!

When your brother picks at you too much…

My retainer even got held hostage at swordpoint during the exchange. Don’t worry, it’s just KoGuRai. 🙂


I tried really hard to make sure that I didn’t accidentally roll Ben to look too much like Zeb. Zeb’s been around for almost 4 years… Meanwhile, I’ve rolled and re-rolled Ben with different aesthetics over time, and I’m still not 100% sure I’m settled on this.


I think I may have chosen the same base face as Zeb… but there are enough feature differences to make up for that. I also know for sure that I didn’t pick the same voice.

Anyhow, Zeb had to show off the fact that in the FFXIV he was not only a White Mage, but also a Paladin. It’s a dimension where dreams can come true!



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