FFXIV: I’m a Bad Influence

Yesterday, Syn noted that our server, Midgardsormr, had become a preferred world on our data center. I was a bit surprised to see this since we aren’t a small server by any means… in fact, since Stormblood, we’ve had a small log in queue every night. Just a handful of players and a short wait, but still a queue.

Character transfers to our world are currently free from congested worlds. Also, newly rolled characters on our world get a bonus experience buff… and if you reach level 30 while the server is still a preferred world, you get 15 free days of play time.

I made note of that, and also noted that I had a solo FC just for alts. I must be a bad influence, because Syn and Amoon both rolled up an alt last night and joined <<Alts>>. ๐Ÿ˜€

I mulled over whom to roll (you have to make a new character to get the buff), and since I had just re-rolled my Porom Lala, and the group could use a healer, I stuck with her. So we have this mis-matched trio of characters speed-leveling through the early game:


Though we all started in different cities, it’s actually been a lot of fun! I hope we can make it to level 30 before we lose the buff! Even if we don’t, though, it’s kinda neat to have friends join up in <<Alts>> where we can mess around in a smaller FC environment from time to time. I love my main FC, but sometimes (especially for RP and story purposes) it’s nice to have a small and quiet place to retreat.

I’ve wanted to play a FFIV-based character in this game for a while, and one that I’ve kept coming back to has been (child) Porom. I’ve rolled her (and a Palom) lala several times over the years. Lalafell are perfect for them. But I’ve never done much with either of them.


Now, the proper pony tail hair style exists (it didn’t back in the early days), and it sounds like playing a White Mage is a lot less frustrating without stance dancing. It’s been good practice to start a healer from level 1 and work up. Plus, she’s a cutie with her Namingway, so why not?

I also ended up finally changing Zuri’s Au Ra character, as I said I wanted to. I’ve been seeing a number of posts lately that make fun of the fact that most female Au Ra are Raen that have the same face variation (the slender horns). I’m pretty sure it’s the horn shape that attracts to this face style (sad they can’t be separated), because that’s the reason I picked it, too.

I mulled going Xaela, but I just couldn’t find a look I liked with the dark scales. So, instead, I chose a different face option, and after playing around with styles and variations, chose to make Zuri an albino-ish Au Ra.


She’s not a true albino, though, because her eyes are more orange than red… I just thought it looked better that way. I’m still experimenting with hairstyles, but for now, this is good enough.

A combination of battle leve quests (yes, some people still do these!) and a PotD nudged her to level 28 archer. So, I’m getting her closer to Bard, and to getting her back on the MSQ track!

Sometimes you just need a little freedom from end game. It puts things in a different perspective.


So much fun with alts… and also great to see our server being overrun by so many cute little sprouts!


  1. That Namingway though! So cute. I dearly want an Edward but I think it’s outside my ability considering how late I started playing.

    I do notice a lot of Au Ra girls sporting that look, but I think it’s purely aesthetic. My husband started as an Au Ra male and hated how the horns obscured his face no matter what he did. People like to see their character’s features ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. I don’t have the Edward either, so if he’s no longer available, then I missed him, too. Ah well.

      I totally agree about the Au Ra horns. I have no problem with that face or style, as I used it originally, too. Other people were poking fun at it, though. I do think it’s one of the more feminine horn styles. It also helps that (I believe) Yugiri has that horn style, too. I went with the forward curving horns, which isn’t too bad, either.

      I also have the same issue with my male Au Ra, but I can deal with it. ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. I told him his original character looked great but he’s SO picky. And now his character and mine have the same face :p

        1. Aww… we can make room for a Paladin, too. Honestly, we only have one tank and one healer there so far. XD But if you decide to, that’s where most my RP characters are hanging out (including Ben and Zemi).

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