FFXIV: Preferred World Free Time

A little over a month ago, I wrote how some friends and I started new alts on our server, Midgardsormr, in order to take advantage of the Preferred World status. If you reach level 30 on a new character on a Preferred World, you get 15 free days of playing time.

That started out well, but then I decided to change characters (from Porom to SoYa), and then Syn became busy with work and trips. Amoon and I paused at Sastasha in order to do the dungeons together as a group, but that didn’t come to pass.

Seeing that I was level 22 when I got there (major experience bonus!), and Midgardsormr STILL has the Preferred World bonus, I made it a goal to level SoYa to 30… Only, I didn’t want to do Sastasha without the others, so I did it without dungeons or any MSQ at all.

Thankfully, I’m quite aware of where all the quests, hunts and leves are for that level range. Along with the very nice experience bonus, I was able to sit down and hash out the remaining 7 levels between last night and today. It really wasn’t that hard at all.

Level 30, no dungeons – proof!

To my surprise, only a few minutes after reaching level 30, I got an email from Square/Enix that told me my 15 free days were applied to my account. Just like that! Wow!

That was fast!

The only issue now is that I can’t go White Mage until I finish a certain level in the MSQ. XD