FFXIV Anniversaries – A Look Back in Time

I wasn’t going to belabor the FFXIV Anniversary event, but I got curious and started looking back through old blog posts today. Come to find out, I have actually blogged every The Rising event for the past 4 years, which is pretty crazy. I certainly didn’t expect to still be playing the same MMO after all these years!

Anyhow, here’s a look at the past:

The Rising 2014

The first anniversary event, the importance of the Minstrel was lost upon me. I didn’t know he was meant to represent Yoshi-P, so I paid more attention to the group of cheering NPC friends I’d made through the course of the game.

I was just a baby bard kitty back then… aw…

The Rising 2015

This was the first year that the dev team came right out and broke the 4th wall. I was so delighted by this that I didn’t want to blog any spoilers. So I didn’t.

I was writing for MMOGames.com at the time, and posted a much more in-depth article about this there, though. Hah, and even back then, I wrote:

Other players have taken screenshots of NPCs discussing the possibility of new upcoming jobs for the game. While nothing can be confirmed, the community seems to believe that Red Mage and Samurai are being hinted at.

This was back when Tai became my main for a while. Good times.

The Rising 2016

Last year’s anniversary event was a lot of fun. We got to reenact a play of Eorzean history, and the big crystal stage made it’s first appearance.

Unlike this year, last year I was busy with all sorts of other content, so The Rising was one of many things in a long weekend recap post.

My blue kitty phase. I had to grow out of it.

The Rising 2017

I just posted my delight about the most current anniversary event. It really is incredible that a game that almost failed in 1.0 has gone on strong all the way through 4.0 like it has.

It’s hard to believe 4 years later, I’m finally a Red Mage. And watching fireworks with Yoshi-P.

As much as the devs use The Rising to thank the players for sticking around, I want to thank them for making a wonderful game. I may not always agree with all the choices they make, and I’m still never going to be a raider or dungeon runner, but this has been one of the deepest and most involving MMO experiences I’ve ever had.

Looking forward to another great year!

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