Splatfest Frustrations

Splatfest Frustrations

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I’m a little behind on blogging since I have a lot of things I want to write about, but I spent most of my blogging time last week transferring my project blogs to WordPress.com. That’s a story for another time.

So, while Splatfest actually took place on Saturday, I’m only getting around to talking about the experience today. I want to start by saying that overall, it was still a fun time, but it was marred by uneven matchmaking.

So, the theme was to pick between two superpowers: Flight or Invisibility.

Um… you’re a little behind.

I had a hard time choosing, but eventually went with Invisibility… because it’s the introvert’s dream to be completely unseen and left alone! Apparently, other people had more devious thoughts about how to use it, but those didn’t cross my mind at all when I picked it. (No, really!)

Major Losing Streak

Now, I am NOT a great Splatoon player. I prefer to play paint roller, which isn’t the most offensive of weapons. Sometimes, I’m a bit too reckless and don’t retreat when I should. I recognize this.

However, if I have a stable team with decent firepower to back me up, I can do some awesome inking. For the most part, awesome inking didn’t happen on Saturday.

I have no idea if it was a glitch in matchmaking, but that’s what people are saying. While I only got one mirror match (which means the teams were much more evenly populated), I often saw that my team’s power rating would be in the 1500’s and it would put us up against teams in the 1800-1900’s. This happened consistently, and we almost always got wiped.

I never got beyond the 1600’s in power rating, while in the first Splatfest, I’m sure I was much higher than that. Just didn’t win enough to move up.

The hub city was still really cool, though!

Then there were times when I just didn’t know what the heck my team was doing. I felt like I was out there playing a pretty solid match, inking and splatting. Then, I’d look at our map and it was a mess of ink from the other team up to our spawn!

“Where are you guys!?” I’d cry forlornly at my screen.

No answer came. šŸ˜¦

I was spawn-camped so many times this weekend. My team just didn’t have a chance, and it seemed like the other side did it so effortlessly.

I’ve seen us lose with 10% or less of the map inked on our side.

Then there was the match where my team played hard and well… and we lost by a 0.1%! Oooohhh… that was just gut wrenching.

I even gave up the paint roller and tried the zapper for the first time thinking maybe I needed to be more offensive in play style. That didn’t help in the long run, so I ended up limping along and quitting partway through Invisibility Champion. I just couldn’t make it to Queen this time.


Later, I saw threads on Reddit where other people on Invisibility described the same frustrations. So I wasn’t the only one who saw this. I didn’t experience this kind of one-sided play in the first Splatfest — wins and losses felt pretty even, with wins being a bit more common.


The one nice thing was I got to see the newest map — once. It rotated in just as I was going to quit for the day, so I stayed on to play some matches until I actually got to try it.



I woke up the next day and immediately turned on my Switch for results. I wanted to hear it from the game and not from the Internet. Sadly, I found that results were delayed because they decided to pool Europe and NA results together.

This had many people waiting anxiously.


When results finally did come, closer to lunch time, they were disappointing but not at all unexpected. I was surprised to see that Invisibility was actually the most popular team, though only by a small margin.


I was sad to see we got trounced, just as I was afraid we’d get. I don’t know if it was just my bad luck, or really an issue with matchmaking, but it was a rough time.

Oh, hush, Pearl!

3 responses to “Splatfest Frustrations”

  1. I was expecting Team Invisibility to be far more popular. Kinda like Ketchup was on the other Splatfest. Glad it was more evenly matched because playing as Ketchup sucked as I fought mostly my own side.

    At the time I didn’t consider the matchmaking to be that borked. In the first Splatoon there were Splatfests where it felt every good player chose the other team. On the other hand the first Splatoon didn’t have team power ratings too so we didn’t have a way to judge the system back then.

    But yeah, it was mostly loses for me and I only had the patience to get up to Champion. My frustrations were mostly when someone on my team would get disconnected in the middle of the match. That happened far more times than I’d expect. There was one where we lost two of them and as much as me and the other person tried to fight to the end it was an impossible victory. šŸ˜¦

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    • Yeah, disconnects are the worst! It’s frustrating during normal turf wars, but even moreso during a Splatfest. I get them all the time… and for some reason (even in turf wars), if someone is going to drop in a match, it’s usually on my team. šŸ˜¦

      I kinda had a feeling that the two sides would be close to even in popularity — I expected Flight to be more popular, though! I know it was a hard choice for me to make between them, and when I posed the question to my friends, they also had to think before they answered. In the case of Ketchup vs. Mayo, I knew instantly the side I wanted to pick.

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  2. So weird. I didn’t notice this happening to in my matches, I was on team flight. I checked the splatoon 2 app to make sure and saw out of the 19 matches I played, the power levels were more or less the same, the occasional one we were out matched by 200 at the most. Of the 19 matches I played, my team won 10 times.

    I will say, something didn’t feel right though with this splatfest. Compared to ketchup and mayo, I had a blast, I can’t quite pin point it for this one. At least when I played, which was the saturday in the middle of the day, it didn’t seem like a whole lot of people were on. I seemed to have issues match making, and seeing that the popularity was split 50/50, I was surprised to find the game on many occasions tried to match us against our fellow flight members. One match actually went through this way and we pitted off against our brethren.

    on a side note, I think Nintendo’s online app is pretty cool, I was able to check my battles and records while at work!


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