SWL: Jolly Cooperation (And Tinfoil Hats)

It seems like Secret World Legends has a bit of stickiness with our group, because folks are asking to continue to play it. We’re still bopping around Kingsmouth, doing quests and just figuring things out.

I reached level 10, which ranked me up with Templars and allowed me to create our cabal. Based on group suggestions, I named it “We Wear Tinfoil Hats.”

It’s been so long since I’ve played most of the Kingsmouth quests that I only have the faintest memory of how any of it goes. This is a good thing, because I don’t go around giving away answers to everything to our new folks. Even I have to spend some time figuring quests out.


Last night, I think the investigation mission The Kingsmouth Code really started to show them exactly what they were getting into with SWL. Again, it’s been so long since I did this quest… I probably just threw up my hands the first time and used the walkthrough to finish it.

But between four of us (Vix was away), we were able to work together and figure it out last night. It went something like this:

  • Syn deduced that we needed to follow the way the manhole covers pointed to find our second location
  • I asked what the Latin on the manhole cover said (because I’ve learned to question everything about the clues give in this game)
  • Amoon knew that it translated to “light conquers all”
  • I figured out the third location based off of clues written on a plaque
  • Amoon figured out which painting we needed to investigate there to progress
  • I figured out that we needed to look at a clock for the “hands of time” clue
  • I found a clock and saw the time was stopped at 10:10
  • Xaa figured out that the clue also referenced a specific book in the Bible
  • It dawned on me that 10:10 could also reference a Bible passage in that book
  • I used the built-in browser to find the Bible passage online and read it to the others
  • We stumbled about until Amoon discovered a secret keypad at the final destination
  • Xaa suggested that Amoon enter a number that’s referenced in the Bible passage as the keypad password (this worked!)
  • Finally, we had to hack a computer in which “light conquers all” was the password hint… which told us to use the Latin we saw on the manhole cover

And it just all worked!

I mean, we stumbled around a lot more than I made it sound here, but when that number in the Bible passage actually worked to open the keypad, I was just in awe for a moment. It took all of us thinking and exploring, but we were able to finish this.


I think this mission earned some respect, as Xaa kept talking about how deep it went. I know that things just get deeper from here, and I suspect this group will really enjoy some future missions if everyone keeps playing!

So far, I’ve been having a really good time. I’m glad that I had this chance and inspiration to play SWL again in a different way — playing with friends really does improve the experience so much.

I’ve also noticed how much this game has been streamlined and how much work has gone into trying to make it more accessible for new players. I’m not sure how well the game is doing, but consider me a supporter. I’m sure there will be plenty of time to plug it as it gets nearer to Halloween.


  1. I just installed it, finally. I didn’t get past Egypt in the original Secret World and loved it dearly except the MMO elements (would be better as a single player / co=op lobby game, honestly.) That was my original take. Will see how I do in the second go through =)

    (are there multiple servers or anything? If so, where are you guys hiding, just in case? =)

    1. I don’t know fully all the tech about SWL and how it works, since it’s rebranded itself as “Not a MMORPG.” I’m pretty sure there’s only one server now, and faction doesn’t matter beyond PvP, so just roll without worry. They’ve fashioned Agartha into a hub area for people to meet up with and group with.

      When you go into a zone, things get a little murky to me. My best understanding is that it’s meant to be a solo game, but you have the option to group and mutliplay as well. When you go to Kingsmouth, for example, you still can see a few other players roaming around. But I think the number of people per zone is capped at something really low like 20.

      The best way to hook up with people (outside of joining a cabal) is to put them on your friend’s list. You can then right-click their name and choose to “Meet Up” when they’re online. The other person does have to accept your request, but as long as they do, and you’ve unlocked the area they are in, you can teleport to the nearest anima well near them. So that makes traveling to friends quick.

      Feel free to friend me if you’d like — my name is “Aywren.” I don’t have to be online for you to do so, but I’ll need your character’s nickname to add you to my list in return. If you want to hook up, you’re also welcome to join our cabal. Just know we’re playing this really casually along side other games, and there’s always the chance we’ll drift away here and there. I’ve already got my hands full with my FFXIV FC, so anything I do in other games in regards to “running” guilds will be very light-handed and super casual.

      However, I have had some interest from other friends in Discord channels in joining, so it may actually be the start of a little social spot in the game. You’re welcome to join up! 🙂

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