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I had other things on my mind to blog about today, but that all went out the window. I got a SNES Classic this morning! 

Honestly, I wasn’t going to even try to get one of these after what happened with the NES Classic. I wanted one, don’t get me wrong. I just didn’t think there was a chance.

Well, after reading the mega thread on Reddit and seeing how many success stories there were — the fact that there was often more stock than people after them (I think people were like me and were discouraged from trying due to the NES Classic)….

Well, I did a quick search at Brickseek (SKU: 741659089), and saw that the Target down the road from work was supposed to still have 11 in stock. Note, this was an hour and a half AFTER the store opened. So I made a rush before scrum — the worst that could happen was that Brickseek was wrong.

But it was right! Not only did they have some for sale, but the guy at the counter was opening a whole new box of them even after I bought one! He did say there were a number of folks waiting in line before the store opened, but honestly, that wasn’t needed.

Anyhow, if you have a desire for a SNES Classic, I’ll encourage you to hit up your local store THIS MORNING because you’ll probably have decent chance in scoring one. But go for it now, because the closer it gets to the holidays, the tougher it may be.

Good luck!

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