GW2: Bringing Friends

I keep forgetting to take a good screenshot of our new GW2 team. Anyhow, above, you’ll see Amoon’s Charr ranger, Syn’s Zeb standing up front, and my Tai, mounted on the raptor. Yep, as I said, I may have influenced a few expansion purchases this weekend… and now we’re going through the PoF story together.

This will make my second time through. I’m still not done with my first time — Zznaf is on the third act, and I’m working on making progress through that when I can. Hopefully, I’ll get that finished up so I can be working on my griffin soon!

Last night, I finished capping out my third Springer mastery skill (yay for super jump!), and I’m halfway through the final mastery. I heard that’s a requirement to unlock the 4th mount, so I’ve been doing as many events and hearts as I can between my two characters.

I’ve also been kicking around the idea of renaming our old GW2 guild. In the beginning, it was meant for just close friends, mostly whom knew us through our project, Wayrift. But we’re getting interest from other folks outside the group (our FFXIV friends, etc), and I’m wondering if I shouldn’t change it to something more related to GW2 in theme. Not that I have any plans to seriously run another guild on top of our FFXIV Free Company!

Speaking of which, FFXIV Patch 4.1 is approaching quickly — next week! I know that GW2 is going to be a juggling act with FFXIV once that drops. I already have a day off for patch day to allow me to be up early enough to hopefully snag an upgraded house for our FC. But that’s a whole nother story!


  1. I just discovered last night that a bounty train is a pretty convenient way to get some mastery xp fast. (I was desperate to get a fully functioning griffon to play with.)

    So that’s something to consider if you ever need mastery xp in a hurry.

    Not having the initial waypoints can be circumvented with a Teleport to Friend item if you have some collecting dust in the bank from character birthday gifts. Just join the squad, and the squad commander is conveniently the first one at the top of the list to teleport to, just watch their tag to know where they are and jump on them when they’re at a town-waypoint collecting the next bounty. Badabing, waypoint unlocked.

    1. Nice tip! I just did my first ever bounty today, mostly because the whole map was working on one for the daily. I’m pretty close to finishing up my Springer — it’s gonna be tomorrow for sure! I’ve unlocked the Waypoint for the Jackal, so hoping to get that soon, too!

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