GW2: Reaper Spec Complete!

GW2: Reaper Spec Complete!

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Yeah, I know I’m like 2 years behind everyone else, but seeing that I just picked up GW2 and started playing it again (fairly casually) last month, this was something I was happy about. I finished filling out all the hero points for Reaper on Zznaf last night, and got this neat necro hood cosmetic!

I actually like the cosmetic a lot, but I also like showing Zznaf’s face most the time, so I just glamoured (yeah, I know, FFXIV term) it and hid the headpiece. I can unhide it when I want to look a little intimidating (yeah, good luck with that). Best of both worlds.

So far, Reaper has gotten me through everything I’ve needed to do, including some tough bosses. I know I don’t kill things nearly as fast as I see other people killing, but it’s okay. Thanks again for those who took some time out to help me find a good build!

I’m still chipping away at the PoF story. I’m in the Desolation, and just unlocked the Vabbi area. Pretty interesting. I’m currently working through a scenario that reminds me a lot of something you’d do in GW1.

I’m also getting really close to finishing my Springer’s final mastery. I have all the points I need, just have to fill that experience bar to unlock it. Then I can look into earning my sand wolf (I know it’s technically a jackal but…).

In other news, Stardew Valley will be out on Switch by the time I get home, so it’s going to be tough not to get “Sucked In” (Golf Story term) to another game tonight.

He has a very good point about game save backups for the Switch are needed.

6 responses to “GW2: Reaper Spec Complete!”

  1. i’m so getting stardew valley as well when i’m home today… too many games out today on the Switch it’s unreal!


  2. Congrats on Reaper! I finished a long-term project this week, finally unlocking the last gliding mastery. So what if I’m multiple years behind? Haha.

    I’ve had a really hard time sticking with Path of Fire, though. I’m a bit more than a zone into the story and I’m having a hard time working up motivation to move forward. Fortunately GW2 has about 6,000 long-term projects that you can undertake!


    • You’re further ahead on gliding master than I am then! I think I only have a few done… mostly because the story was gated until I unlocked other masteries. Still no where near finishing HoT.

      PoF sometimes helps if you have friends around (though I’ve done a lot of it solo). It’s been A LOT easier to play through a second time with Zeb and Amoon. If you have an open guild slot, you’re welcome in our little rag-tag guild. There’s only about 4 of us (old guild launched at launch, but kinda fizzled over the years), but I’m considering doing something with it if I can figure out the new guild system. I’m sure we’d be happy to romp and work through scenarios if you need backup! 🙂

      Feel free to friend me at Aywren.5438


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