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GW2: Reaper Spec Complete!

Yeah, I know I’m like 2 years behind everyone else, but seeing that I just picked up GW2 and started playing it again (fairly casually) last month, this was something I was happy about. I finished filling out all the hero points for Reaper on Zznaf last night, and got this neat necro hood cosmetic!

I actually like the cosmetic a lot, but I also like showing Zznaf’s face most the time, so I just glamoured (yeah, I know, FFXIV term) it and hid the headpiece. I can unhide it when I want to look a little intimidating (yeah, good luck with that). Best of both worlds.

So far, Reaper has gotten me through everything I’ve needed to do, including some tough bosses. I know I don’t kill things nearly as fast as I see other people killing, but it’s okay. Thanks again for those who took some time out to help me find a good build!

I’m still chipping away at the PoF story. I’m in the Desolation, and just unlocked the Vabbi area. Pretty interesting. I’m currently working through a scenario that reminds me a lot of something you’d do in GW1.

I’m also getting really close to finishing my Springer’s final mastery. I have all the points I need, just have to fill that experience bar to unlock it. Then I can look into earning my sand wolf (I know it’s technically a jackal but…).

In other news, Stardew Valley will be out on Switch by the time I get home, so it’s going to be tough not to get “Sucked In” (Golf Story term) to another game tonight.

He has a very good point about game save backups for the Switch are needed.


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6 thoughts on “GW2: Reaper Spec Complete!

  1. i’m so getting stardew valley as well when i’m home today… too many games out today on the Switch it’s unreal!


  2. Congrats on Reaper! I finished a long-term project this week, finally unlocking the last gliding mastery. So what if I’m multiple years behind? Haha.

    I’ve had a really hard time sticking with Path of Fire, though. I’m a bit more than a zone into the story and I’m having a hard time working up motivation to move forward. Fortunately GW2 has about 6,000 long-term projects that you can undertake!


    1. You’re further ahead on gliding master than I am then! I think I only have a few done… mostly because the story was gated until I unlocked other masteries. Still no where near finishing HoT.

      PoF sometimes helps if you have friends around (though I’ve done a lot of it solo). It’s been A LOT easier to play through a second time with Zeb and Amoon. If you have an open guild slot, you’re welcome in our little rag-tag guild. There’s only about 4 of us (old guild launched at launch, but kinda fizzled over the years), but I’m considering doing something with it if I can figure out the new guild system. I’m sure we’d be happy to romp and work through scenarios if you need backup! 🙂

      Feel free to friend me at Aywren.5438


      1. I sent you a friend request, and I’d love to guild with you folks. GW2 is so much easier if you have partners to faildps with. (Even better if you folks fail less than me, haha.)


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