FFXIV: Preliminary Patch 4.1 Notes Highlights

Preliminary patch notes for FFXIV Patch 4.1 have been released, and as I tend to do, here’s a list of things that excite me… or not. These are all totally based on my own preferences, opinions and playstyle. Your mileage may vary.


The big one. New housing.

My FC spent months saving up money for a housing upgrade and have waited and waited for the new area to open. We hope to be moving from our small cottage to a mansion in Shirogane.

Most of this rests on my shoulders to be fast enough to snag a plot when the servers open… and I’m really nervous about it. I even took next Tuesday off so I can make sure I’m up on time (early morning for me) and can get some rest after the excitement is over.

If all goes well, we hope to have a FC event that weekend celebrating our new house!

A storeroom for furnishings has been added to estates, apartments, and private chambers.

This… is amazing. Period.  I have so much retainer space taken up by four years of stored furniture and seasonal housing items…  this will make my life much easier!

Kojin beast tribe quests have been added.

YAY! Beast tribe quests! YAY an alternate, casual way to level up from 60 to 70 with some repeatable dailies and cute story. Probably a manta mount. Good all around.

A new area within the Lost Canals of Uznair, the Hidden Canals of Uznair, has been added.

I haven’t even done the Lost Canals once… but this is good news. Any improvements to make treasure hunting more fun is great! My FC loves to host hunts all the time. 🙂

Squaaads! I’m actually looking forward to taking my little squads out to dungeons and excited to test out this AI. I’m excited that this might be the start of something to help eventually alleviate the forced grouping aspect of FFXIV dungeons one day.

I’m also going to have fun glamouring and figuring out my squads. My squad on my main is fully leveled, but I haven’t really sorted through who is who or was super picky about looks and personality. Tai’s squad is small by comparison and not fully leveled, so it’ll be interesting to work with them and develop them.

I’m pretty hyped about Squads if you haven’t noticed– watch out for lots of new posts coming up as I develop mine!

New furnishings have been added.

This includes all the windows, blank partitions, paintings, aquarium stuff etc. More housing stuff is better!

New aesthetician hairstyles have been added.

Yay for new hair — especially male ponytails! I’ll try that one out on Zemi if it’s not too hard to get.

The following actions and traits have been adjusted:

Dragooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon buffs. No nerfs to Red Mage. Nuff said.

Entry requirements for the Labyrinth of the Ancients has been changed.

This was a long time coming. Thank you!

Time until the boss area in alliance raid dungeons is sealed has been increased from 15 to 30 seconds.

This is a good change! I never even thought about this before…. but yes.

Four dungeons for Expert roulette. This is a very nice change, thank you. I’m never going to be a fan of grinding Expert every day, but if I have to, more variety is better!

Duty Roulette: Alliance Raids has been added to the Duty Finder.

Yay for easier Crystal Tower runs! Meh for Wiping City and Dun Scaith. Not sure how much I’m going to do this because of those two raids being included. We’ll see what the rewards are.

The amount of PvP experience received from PvP duties has been increased.

I’m down with that! I can always use experience on my leveling jobs!

The Retrieve Materia subcommand has been added.

Pleased be advised, however, there is a chance the retrieval will fail and the materia will be lost.
* Chance of failure increases with materia grade.

Glad this is finally going in. A little sad that it can break the materia, but I suppose I should have seen that coming.

OH MY GOSH! You just don’t even know!!! So much retainer space!!!! I’ve even thrown away beast tribe currency in the past needing to make room. This plus storing ventures in the currency tab is the best ever!!

The success rate for reeling in certain fish in Stormblood areas has been increased.

This was much needed. I’m done with leveling my fisher, but some of those fish were terribly hard to catch. I’m also excited about new spearfishing locations!

SO excited about this!! And the fact that the other custom deliveries (which I’ve maxed out) will give experience now. I can use that for my crafters. Add to that the fact deliveries now refresh on Tuesday like the rest of the game does, and I’m a happy crafter.

Tears of joy!!! No longer do we have to suffer subligar levels and terrible, mis-matched gear while leveling!!! Thank you! Thank you! My alts all thank you!

YES! Finally!

Target Type: Target Closest Enemies options have been added to the Character Configuration interface.

Type 2 (new)
Targets enemies based on a cone shape originating from the position of the camera.


I am frustrated to no end on how this game selects nearest enemies. It makes no sense at all to me. I hope this works more the way I think it should.

A warning message will now appear when attempting to join a duty via the Duty Finder if gear condition is 30% or lower.

Where have you been all my life! The number of times I’ve forgotten to repair gear… and I say… “Uh oh… Guys? I’ve got like 10% left on everything… oops!”

It’s Good!

New side story quests have been added: Hildibrand

New Hildy quests are always good. The Heavensward Hildy quests were just okay compared to the ones in ARR (despite Gigi), and I haven’t finished them yet. So quality seems to vary… Probably should get around to finishing that.

The following adjustments have been made to anima weapons…

I’ve still got a couple anima weapons I’d like to shoot for one day. Any nerfs they can bring on makes me happy.

Players can now swim in all residential areas.

This is cool!

New emotes have been added.

New emotes are always good. I’m not super hyped by the ones I’m seeing, but I won’t turn them down.

A text command to adjust the size of Demi Bahamut has been added.

Seeing that I’m not a summoner and haven’t actually seen Demi Bahamut myself, I don’t know this frustration. But… more options are always better.

Players can now add other players form different Worlds within the same data center to their friends list.

This and the /tell option across different Worlds are all good. Nothing I’ll probably use, but nice to have.

Typo is theirs, btw. 😉

The following additions and adjustments have been made to the Party Finder.

Party Finder changes are good. I never use PF, but they’re still good.

Interesting. I guess it makes sense.

The following additions and adjustments have been made to HUD Layout.

These are all fine. I’m sure someone out there is cheering louder than I am about the changes. Nothing exciting to me, but nice changes.

A simple mode has been added to the Job Gauge under UI Element Settings.

Again, this is really nice. I might use this on some jobs. Don’t see a need to change the Red Mage gauge since it’s simple enough.

The numbers shown on the EXP bar now include commas.

Hah! Alright. I’ll give this a “good.”

The most recently used chat mode will be saved when logging out, and will be retained upon logging back in.

This is pretty nice. So many times I log back in and forget I’m on “Say” and not “FC” chat.


The HP of enemies in level 15 to 49 and level 51 to 59 dungeons has been adjusted.


The alliance raid dungeon The Royal City of Rabanastre has been added.

We’ll see how this turns out. I’m glad new alliance raids are being added, but if it’s as frustrating as Heavensward raids were for me, I’ll sadly pass on doing them. Hoping it will be more fun than frustrating. Interested in the Tactics theme.

Coffers containing item sets such as the Valor Armor Coffer can now be used outside large settlements.

Never understood why this limitation in the first place. Good change though.

When viewing the credits, 2 on the numeric keypad adjusts the speed, and 0 pauses.

What? …ok?

Adjustments have been made to veteran rewards.

Yeah. I haven’t talked about this yet. I think I’m fine with it, though.


Annnnd… that’s it. A few solid Quality of Life things. A few really exciting new additions. Overall, I’m pretty happy with what I see here. Just hoping for that FC house. Once that’s done, I can relax a bit. *jitters*