FFXIV: The Great Housing War

So, things didn’t go as planned this morning for the great housing rush in Shirogane. Last time we got new housing wards on Midgardsormr, many of the plots remained open for quite a while. I had no idea that everything would be gone in the first 15 minutes of the servers being up.

I logged in as soon as the servers opened, but got kicked by the data center error. That put me in a queue with 600+ people in front of me. Once I finally did get in game, the loading screen was broken and I sat like this for a while:


By the time I was fully logged and able to even look at the housing list, all the large plots were gone (in every ward, even the old areas). Five minutes later, all the smalls were also gone in Shirogane.  It was chaos.

I was disappointed because I never had a chance, and so many people in our FC had pitched in Gil to pick up a mansion.

But not all was lost! 

Some FC members — Wry, Bean and Talo — contacted me when I logged in later. Wry told me the other day he had a mansion in the Goblet, that he shared with the other two, that they were willing to offer to the FC. At first, I was loathe to take it from him and the other FC members who were using it for a personal area. But when I saw how fierce housing competition was this morning, I knew if we didn’t make a move now, it was only going to get harder in the future.

So, I took them up on the offer. In return, I gave Wry the money to purchase our old FC house plot, so that he would still have a house and I would know our old plot went to someone who’d care for it.

And this is how our FC got our mansion in the Goblet! It’s located right next to the waterfall with a lovely view of the new pools.


When it was first announced, the members who were on couldn’t seem to believe what they were seeing. We’d kept all this plotting (pun intended) secret, and so they rushed quickly to the new house.


Much celebration was had, especially when people went inside and realized how HUGE an upgrade this is!


I know that this isn’t the Shirogane house or beachfront property in Mist people imagined, but being realistic, this is really more than we could hope for a long time. I’m very grateful to our generous FC members who gave up their lot to give our FC a new home. I think in time, they’ll come to see how great this spot is!

Much love to our old house… it served us well!

Farewell Ward 2, Plot 2!


  1. Sorry you weren’t able to get your FC the mansion you wanted. It was pretty cool of your friends to give their former mansion for the FC though. 🙂

    The Free Company I am in Ultros tried to get a Shirogane mansion but were unable to. Apparently our leader was beaten by 5 seconds and every other large plot was already taken.

    By some miracle I was able to get myself a small plot but I didn’t even choose. I just chose the ward, went to the nearest small plot I could find and bought it. Still need to decorate it though but at least for that I can take my time. 🙂

    1. I’m sorry your FC also didn’t get a plot in Shirogane. It seems like this whole housing thing is causing a big uproar on the forums, and I think FFXIV needs to listen and adjust. This is important to the community, and how it’s being handled is not acceptable.

      We were extremely blessed to have good and generous FC members that would do such a thing. Interestingly, the new FC house is in the same ward as my own! XD

      Congrats on getting your small home! I hope you enjoy it. 🙂

  2. Guild housing was my favorite in DAOC. It was fantastic. I think a system that would work better is that everyone flags the properties they are interested in, and they get to choose THREE per account. And then, after a set amount of time, they are raffled off by luck of the draw. That way it isn’t the first to log in and there is some fairness to the opportunity of getting a plot you want. Something along those lines.

    1. That’s an interesting way of doing it! I played DAOC for a short time back in the day, but never got as far as to get into housing. It’s crazy how sometimes the older games had better ways of doing things… you’d think devs would learn.

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