FFXIV: Crazy Fun Weekend

So much happened over this weekend in various games, and I was quite busy, especially in FFXIV. I even managed to knock out a few of my monthly goals.

Shirogane Castle Walls

See that picture up there? That’s what our house looked like after crafting the Large Shirogane Castle Walls. I got the idea from a Reddit thread: Couldn’t get a Shirogane house, so I decided to bring the Shirogane to us instead. I’d tossed out the idea for the FC to undertake the project a few times in chat, but it wasn’t until a kind person made this fantastic spreadsheet that anything actually started.

I thought, oh… we’d just work on this here or there. Just a random FC project.

No. No no no no. I underestimated the will and desire of my FC crafters and gatherers. These lovely people spent their Friday night hauling out hundreds of materials and crafting tons of lumber and ingot. I was up until well after 2 am, but we knocked the whole project out in one night. And you can see the result above.

Speed Leveling Carpenter

I’ve been such a slacker in crafting, and I felt a bit ashamed that I couldn’t contribute a whole lot to the project, aside from some gathering and spending all my GC seals on materials. Though it was a vast project in size, it really doesn’t require anything huge in difficulty from crafters — just some level 66+ recipes and at least one 68 carpenter to apply the lumber to the project in the workshop.

Bound and determined to contribute something, I had sent my retainer out for tons of Beech Logs throughout the week. Friday, I sat down and just spammed the Beech, Please leve and made it to level 66 Carpenter in the matter of hours. That allowed me to help with some of the lumber, though I was slower at it than the level 70 crafters.

It also knocked out one of my monthly goals, which was just to level a crafter in general.

FC Celebration

It’s been a while since we hosted a FC party/event, and in light of successfully upgrading to a mansion, we set a pizza party, raffle and raid night party for Saturday. I was happy that our house had its massive upgrade on the outside, while our decoration team has been hard at making things pretty inside.

We had a nice turn-out for the event, as you can see below.

Royal City of Rabanastre

While I hadn’t really intended to run the new 24 man raid that night after the celebration, we were just a few shy of a full FC alliance, so we decided to do a party find for a learning run.

I’m probably going to have to run it a few more times before I make a solid impression on this raid, but it was pretty tough the first time through. Thankfully, I’d watched a video ahead of time, and we had a few people coaching the team through it.

Almost a full FC Alliance run

We actually cleared this well, with lots of time to spare. We had one random Bard who dropped after the first boss (dunno if he got his drop and ran or what). So we were actually down a DPS the whole rest of the way (you can’t replenish in a PF group). Despite that, we still beat it with minimal wipes. I also got a pair of pants as an upgrade from it.

The raid is extremely mechanically intensive, and it seems like just surviving the mechanics is the key to successfully beating it. There’s so much that can kill you, though. As I said, I’ll have to run it a bit more before I can make up my mind what I think of it, and write about it.

Beast Tribes and Alliance Roulettes

Aside from all that, I’ve been dutiful in completing the new Beast Tribe quests every day. I’ve gained rank with them twice this week. The experience from the quest isn’t amazing, but every little bit helps in my struggle to level my Bard alt. And I just enjoy the slower paced daily quests.

What is surprisingly good in giving experience is the new Alliance Raid Roulette. Syn has been totally addicted to it (no surprise there), though I’ve only run it a few times for the daily reward. Thankfully, if you take someone who is lower than level 60, you will always get one of the Crystal Tower trio (and avoid Weeping City/Dun Scaith). I’m not sure how much longer I can cheese that system, though. 😀

One of my goals was to level Bard to at least 65 this month. Right now, she’s sitting a little shy of level 66, and will easily get that with Beast Tribe quests tonight.

Saying Goodbye to Yo-Kai

I’ve been working at obtaining the final set of Yo-Kai minions and Whisper mount — this time, for Tai. This will make the 4th character to get all of them. I’ve put about an hour of FATE running a night in, and finally finished that up last night.

Tai looks so goofy in the Whisper mount, but that was totally the point. Now I can concentrate on other things with him… like unlocking flying in the Ruby Sea.