SWL: On To the Savage Coast

Before I start this post in earnest, I just want to repost this interesting tidbit:


On Sunday, the Tin Foil Hats got together to progress a bit more in Secret World Legends. While we still have a few random quests left to do in Kingsmouth, the main story was pointing us to the next zone, the Savage Coast. There was some curiosity about the area, so we decided to go forward.

Pretty much all we got done were the quests around the Overlook Motel. That’s because the one investigation mission, Hell and Bach, took us so very long to finish. I’d forgotten all about the quest that sent you across the world to search out seance circles and decipher runes.

A big chunk of the time was spent just finding the locations in the pictures the quest provided. This did allow the newer folks on the team the chance to explore London and New York, since we’d only kinda had touch and go with these zones when trying to meet up in the beginning.

Dance Floor Experience

It’s been a while since I explored London, myself. I’m not sure if the dance floor on the second floor of the Horned God was always there, or always functioned how it did this weekend… but I had an interesting experience!

I noticed there was a dance floor, but it was dark, and no one was dancing there. So, just to be silly, I jumped on the floor and started doing the Thriller Dance.

To my surprise, the lights came on around the floor, and the music turned up a notch. I have no idea if it was because a player was out there interacting… but all of a sudden, one of the NPCs in the club comes walking across the floor. He stops right in front of me, and starts to dance with me.

I wish I had taken a screenshot! I don’t know if it was just luck that I started dancing randomly where the NPC would normally dance… or if the NPC was programmed to dance with players. But it was really trippy. And other NPCs were suddenly coming out to dance, too!

When I did finally think to take a screenshot, I saw that removing the UI caused me to stop dancing, too. But Xaa was up there dancing with me.

The NPC who was dancing with me stopped (since I was no longer dancing), walked over next to Xaa, and started dancing there instead. This couldn’t be coincidence, could it?

Even creepier… Last night, I logged in to SWL to get my daily login. I was still in London, and was just jogging around outside of Templar headquarters.

One of the guards there randomly said something along the lines of “Didn’t I see you dancing at the Horned God the other night — wait, no…”

I was really taken aback because, yes, I was dancing at the Horned God the other night! Again, I don’t know if this was just random text at the right time or if this game is just playing with me!!

The Museum

One of the locations we had to visit during the quest was the Museum of the Occult. I don’t remember ever being able to go inside there before… so this must be something new. It reminds me a whole lot of the Hall of Monuments in GW1.

There’s even a giant version of your character in there:

Zeb and giant Zeb

Anyhow… this team is really looking forward to the Halloween event in SWL. I’ll be writing more as we continue our play through! I’m looking forward to taking them to the Park and the Black House and the Franklin Mansion…!