FFXIV: Ninja-ing to 50

One of my goals for this month was to take my alt, Zemi, to level 50 on Ninja so I can finally unlock Samurai for him. I’ve actually been putting a good chunk of playtime each night towards doing this… and I forgot how rocky it really is to level from 40-50 on a DPS class for the first time.

Sure, the MSQ experience gives a nice chunk, but seeing that you have lapses where, such as level 45, there are absolutely no MSQs at all (why?), it really starts to drag out. I know I could be running daily roulette, but seeing that the queue took 25 mins for the Garuda fight, I’ve been avoiding dungeons (unless I have someone else to run them with).

It’s also a bummer that North Than FATEs aren’t very active anymore, because that used to be a good way to get these levels done. I’ll probably have to fall back on leves pretty soon.

Last night, I powered through to level 46, mostly because I unlocked two of the Beast Tribe quests, and found a number of extra quests littering Mor Dhona. Man, I forgot how much I hate the Nix in that zone!

Zemi is currently a mish-mash of half Ninja artifact armor. That’ll change once I get him to 50 and make the switch, though.

I have a funny feeling I’m going to get sidetracked by all the Halloween events in all the games I’m playing this weekend. We’ll see if I can keep Zemi leveling! 🙂