GW2: [WAY] of the Four Winds

A few weeks back, I sent in a support ticket to request a change in our old GW2 guild name. I finally heard back, and after sending a list of possible names, the first name I chose was open. So, it’s now ours.

We now have a little casual guild called Way of the Four Winds.

The idea behind the name was to capture the feeling of explorers and wanderers, which is really what most the people in our guild like to do. We’re not raiders, we’re here to get through story and enjoy open world content with each other.

The “four winds” part connects back to lore around the Zephyrites and their Bazaar of the Four Winds (which we’ll probably never see again in game unless they miraculously get out of the jungle and rebuild Zephyr Sanctum).

I really liked the concept of the Zephyrites. They are a peaceful, nomadic people who traveled on their flying ship… and really had more of a clue what was going on with Glint and her children than anyone else did for the longest time. I loved the Bazaar of the Four Winds and the idea of the spiritual elemental aspects.

So, it felt fitting to name our guild after that part of the lore.

I haven’t really figured out how to progress the guild yet — it seems like it requires gold to build new features. Gold I don’t really have to spare as I’m scrounging to save for my griffon mount. So, there’s not a ton of progression going on — not that we need it. I guess we’ll try to figure out the guild events eventually, though being small, we’d need a few more people on the roster to make it happen.

I’ve opened the invitation to folks who are interested in a super casual, social and small family-friendly guild-of-friends environment. Most of us play other games, or GW2 is the game-on-the-side, so there’s no serious repping or requirements. Just a group to explore and enjoy the game with. Let me know!