FFXIV: Foxy Lady of the Blue

I’m kinda in a slump in FFXIV end game lately — the whole Tome acquisition for gear grinding has almost zero incentive for me right now. I’ve been leveling alt jobs and doing stuff on alts, but when it comes to running Expert for Creation Tomes, or even getting drops from the new alliance roulette, my heart is just not in it.

One thing I have been good about keeping up with is the daily Kojin Beast Tribe quests. I had a few days where I almost missed doing them, but I’d always log in before work to queue them up for later that day. Thank goodness they let you run two sets of dailies just in case you missed them the day before.

Yesterday, I logged in to discover I’d hit max rank… or rather, I needed to finish the last Kojin quest to reach max rank with them. I had a good idea that we’d be getting a new mount from that, so I set out for Yanxia, the first place I needed to go in the quest.

Of Foxy Ladies

Just as I was making my way towards the quest spot, I heard someone shout in the zone that the Foxy Lady FATE was up. I quickly dropped everything I was doing and headed to that location!

And through the nasty rainy day, there she was…


Now, let me tell you, I’d resigned myself to never seeing this FATE, much less completing it. It was very popular among FATE hunters back when Stormblood first launched, and Vix was totally into tracking the time and prerequisites for popping the FATE. But I leveled slowly at Stormblood’s launch, and either was too low leveled to reach the spot this FATE spawned, or whatever the reason. I never got to do it.

I didn’t think other people were still interested in doing this FATE. I figured everyone already had their fox ears and minion. Even as I hovered over the FATE in that picture above, watching the time tick down, I didn’t see other people arriving.

At first.

But, then, I noticed about three people off to the side of the FATE, and I came to join them. Time kept ticking down, and slowly, the number of arrivals increased. Eventually, we decided we needed to pull at 14 mins, or risk failing due to the timer.

So, I jumped into a Party Finder group (I rarely use this, so that was an adventure to me), which was made up of all DPS but one White Mage. Thankfully, most of us were Red Mages, so there was plenty of spot heals and rezzes.

This is a fun FATE! It had a number of mechanics to learn, and was not an easy fight by any means. So I felt that we really did earn our rewards in the end. Here’s what the turnout looked like at her defeat:


A number of us got this first-time achievement, and we all rushed back to turn in our fragments for the cosmetic, pet and housing items. Seems like there were far more folks than I’d guessed who still needed to finish this, too!

Beast Tribe Goodies

Getting that win under my belt, I continued on with the Kojin quest. I’m not going to say I feel like this was the best Beast Tribe story I’ve ever played through, but it wasn’t bad. I did enjoy parts of it. The quests themselves seem to be even faster to complete than the Heavensward quests, which was fine with me. This was usually a quick 10-15 min thing to do everyday. I still plan on trying to remember to do them for leveling purposes!

I really appreciate that the Kojin reputation items are purchasable using the reputation currency, rather than requiring gil like tribes in the past. And rewards are quite affordable, with even the mount only costing 12.

The striped ray mount I expected to get.


What I didn’t expect to get was a new emote! In fact, I almost overlooked it because of the mount, and because it was somewhat hidden in the rest of the stuff you can buy.

Seeing its name, Ballroom Etiquette – Heathen Gestures, I was sure that I’d like it. I figured it was the prayer motions the Kojin make before their treasure vault. And I was right. But it has a little something more!


You get this cool blue flame! Really, a screenshot doesn’t do it justice.

Add to that the title you get “Of the Blue” and I’m a pretty happy camper with these rewards. Though I’m a Red Mage, blue is one favorite color (aside from teal), so I’ll be rocking this new title for a while!


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