FFXIV: Tales from the FATE Finder – I’ll Cushion You!

I can’t call this a Tales from the Duty Finder, because this didn’t happen in a dungeon/duty environment.  However, it put a big smile on my face, so I thought it was worth telling.

Starting yesterday, FFXIV brought back the Dragon Quest crossover event, Breaking Brick Mountains. My two main characters already completed this back in the day, so they had all the rewards. But I have a slew of alts who never got the King Slime Crown, and that needed fixing!

I did the event three times last night for a few of my alts — I took the lower leveled ones in first so that they’d have a bunch of other people with them to do it. Not that it’s that hard. It’s a level 7 quest and all you have to do is complete two back-to-back FATES that sync you down to level 12.

In fact, the most time you spend in this event is waiting on the FATEs to pop. Sure, there are several zones where these FATEs happen… But the truth is, the majority of people pile onto the spot in Central Thanalan since it’s the closest to the quest giver location… and most players, by default, will choose the path of least effort. Myself included. 😀

The first two times I did this FATE, it took about 20 minutes for it to spawn. Not great, but I could live with it. When I got to my lala, Hedge Mouse, I swear I waited 45 minutes or more.

This gathered a huge crowd of folks, just waiting. Some were patient. Some Mandervilled. Some were queued for other things while hoping to do this in between.

Bored, and with the lack of dances on an alt, I had Hedge use the /playdead emote.  Which, on a male lala is the butt-up-in-the-air face-plant pose.

As seen on the left…

While I was laying there in /playdead, and almost giving up on the FATE spawn, an unknown lala (named Bearclaw Neko) walked over and stood on top of Hedge. At first, I was… concerned… with what she had in mind to do since poor Hedge Mouse was lying quite prone.

Then, the most adorable thing happened. She made a summon motion with her hands, and a Plush Cushion minion appeared under him!

She had given poor Hedge a pillow to lie on!!!

I was completely beside myself as she walked away and left it there for me. I wanted to do something to let her know this was the cutest thing I’ve seen all week, but I was scared to move and ruin it. I squeed and took screenshots instead.

I probably should have whispered her something, but she was queued in Duty Finder, and vanished a few minutes later. She’ll probably never see this post, but if she does, I’d love her to know that she made my night.

(The FATE popped shortly after, btw.)