FFXIV: Tales from the Duty Finder: Everyone’s a Critic

FFXIV: Tales from the Duty Finder: Everyone’s a Critic

You see that up there? Poor sad Amon!

Who could possibly not like Syrcus Tower? It’s got Amon in it! Who doesn’t like Amon and his epic hat??

Man. Everyone’s a critic.

Anyhow. Today’s Tales from the Duty Finder is more of a silly annoyance story. I was actually kinda sad our friendly Machinist didn’t do more crazy things during our Alliance Roulette to make this post a bit more interesting. But, ah well, I’ll give you what I got.

So, we Alliance Roulette. I celebrate as we get Syrcus Tower.

I love Syrcus Tower. It’s my favorite alliance raid… because it’s quick, usually easy, least likely to wipe, and just overall pretty relaxing to run for good alt-job experience. I also love the music, atmosphere and the boss battles that make you feel like you’re doing something epic… even if you’re not.

Well. We get in and start saying our hellos.

Apparently, this here Machinist doesn’t share my love of ST.


I’m not quite sure why God should help us all in this case. I mean, I just said ST is fast and easy. 🙂

So, recognizing we have a personality in our group, I kept my eyes peeled for other interesting quotes. She only gave me one more, when she decided to critique a racial running animation with poor spelling.


And we’re off to a good start!

She seemed in a hurry. There were several times when she would hang around the exit to a room while the rest of us fought the trash. Which is… you know… kinda self defeating because it takes us longer to finish it if less people are fighting.


This is a pet peeve of mine, and I never quite understood it.

That being said, that really was the worst that happened on this run. Sorry, slow news day.

She didn’t try to pull before tanks or anything else. And her glamour was actually pretty nice.


But making Amon cry is just mean.

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