FFXIV: A Berry Merry Starlight

The Starlight Festival, the FFXIV Christmas event, began last Friday. It’s a cute little quest line with several housing items and the big-ticket reward – the new bear mount.

These guys are real cuties, and as you can see from above, they also can fly (and swim)! In order to get the reward items, including the mount, you have to participate in a holiday FATE. It looked a lot like this on Friday:

Trust me, bear puns were flying fast and furious that night.

Basically, the bear mount can ground target and throw gift boxes, so that’s what the FATE is all about. The other decoration items, and music scroll, can be purchased with gift boxes that drop when you successfully complete the FATE. Gold will net you 2 boxes, and to buy one of each of the new items requires 8 boxes… so about 4 will get you all the things you want.

The mount quest is short enough to not be a pain to do on alts… which I did on all of mine. Granted, I’ve culled my alts a bit the past few weeks.

Here’s some of the racial sitting poses for the bear mount: