Steam Challenge: Winter Sale & 2018 Goals

So how has your Steam Winter Sale gone this year? My wishlist is… quite a bit lighter than it was going in. In my defense, I only bought two games this sale: Planet Coaster and SOMA.

Many of the other great titles I got were Christmas gifts from friends. Thank you!!

I’ve been really excited about my new game list, and I’ve put a bunch of time into gaming over this 4-day weekend! I have lots to blog about… but first, I wanted to take a moment to note my new Steam goals for 2018.

New Statistics

The first thing I want to note is that the Steam Calculator has just changed how they display statistics this past week. It puts the numbers in a slightly more positive light… but it still takes some getting used to.

Previously, the site would tell you “you haven’t played this percent of games”. For me, this percent was something like 53%. I was trying to make this number lower.

Now, the site tells you “you have played this percent of games.” It tells me that I’ve played 47% of games… and now I want to make this number higher.

It’s still pretty bad.

Yeah, it means the same thing. Like I said, it’s a more positive spin… you want to increase our number instead of decreasing it.

My goal for 2018 is to get this metric above 50%. I’d really love to shoot for 60% this year. I’m not sure how viable that is. It depends on how many new games I get.

Playing Those Games

I honestly haven’t bought a lot of new Steam games this year, compared to the past. But every game I’ve bought this year, I’ve played for at least a little while. 

This excludes some games, such as stuff I bought in bundles that I never activated, or stuff that came from old bundles that I just recently activated. I also tried to play all my gifted games, but I don’t think I’m going to achieve that before the new year.

So my express goal for 2018 is that if I buy a Steam game, I play it. Like, preferably right when I buy it.

No more picking a bunch of games on sale and just stashing them away untouched. This is also good to do because there’s limitations on return time… So it’s better to go ahead and try a new game than to leave it sitting in your library only to find it’s a dud way past return time.


I’m also cutting back on bundles as much as possible. I still have a bunch of Humble Bundle games I need to sort through — either giving away the keys I don’t want or finally activating them. I really don’t need to keep buying more. A number of keys I get now days are duplicates anyhow.

So, those are my steam goals as I roll into a new year. Let’s not even talk about the growing backlog I have on my Switch… or on GoG…


How’s your Steam Winter sale going? Pick up anything interesting?



  1. I’ve been very good at avoiding buying a bunch of games during these sales by following a philosophy my friend adopted: “Only buy a game if I really want to play it right now”. It helped to lower the guilty from buying and not playing a lot. XD

    Despite that I did buy a game though, Tokyo Xanadu Ex+. I got a gift card for Steam from my brother and after some debating I decided to go for this game as I have been watching someone play it on a livestream and the game looked fun. I haven’t played as much yet but only because I have been too engrossed with Xenoblade Chronicles 2 on the Switch. XD

    I will end buy Fairy Fencer F Advent Force too, another game I saw on a livestream since there was some left over money in the Steam Wallet. Still needed to put a bit more money in there though to be able to buy it so I am just waiting for the payment approval. This one I probably won’t start playing soon but of the ones I am more interested right now it was the cheapest one in my Wishlist. 🙂

  2. Hooooooo boy…I am only at 45%! Although the calculator is saying I have 24 more games than my library does?

    I get paid tonight, plus I have the monthly humble bundle already bought, so I expect that number to go down before it goes up. I am cheating a little by installing and running games I have no intention of playing just to get the steam cards, so that may help a bit?

    I’m definitely going to get the Stick of Truth, and I may very well splurge on a bunch of indie games <$3.

    All this effort over the last couple of years and we are just treading water! Ha!

    1. I do something similar. I actually have a category I call “Clear” where I put games that I just want to install and run to get off my “haven’t played” statistic. There’s not a lot of them in there, and most of them probably came from old bundles in the past. I’ve just learned to stop activating games from bundles if I’m not sure I want to play them now days.

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