FFXIV: Tales from the Duty Finder – DPS: “I am glad I was wrong about last boss…”

Even on a good day, The City of Rabanastre is not my favorite raid. Last week, when my FC ran it, I must have been a little out of sorts, because I was easily annoyed by randoms in our alliance party.

In particular, two know-it-all DPS.

Oh snap! A DPS story for once!

I don’t know why, but a bossy DPS is just laughable to me (unless they really prove themselves knowledgeable). I’m rarely surprised by bossy Tanks or Healers, but when a DPS tries to instruct the entire raid, it’s usually ignore-able.

And I say this as a DPS main.

This is what happened on Mateus, the first boss of the raid. Our Bard decides to try to order our group around, telling us which sphere to attack. Then, he tries to shout to the entire raid what the mechanics are… as if we haven’t been playing this for months now.

Actually, I never even saw any of this going on while it was happening because I was… surprise!… focusing on raid mechanics! There are many spheres to fight. Many bubbles to pop. Many fountains to step on. Lots of things to take care of.

So, no, Mr. Bard. I did not attack the same sphere you were attacking because I was DPSing somewhere else in the raid.

But. Apparently, that made our DPS BAAAAAAAAAAAD in his eyes. So much, that he expected the raid to wipe and disband on the second boss, Hashmal. And he told us so.

Now, I could see this prediction if we’d actually done something wrong, or our DPS actually was that bad. But we cleared Mateus just fine… without needing his instructions.

Then, the Black Mage decided to chime in about being the only other DPS that did anything… and that we needed to “kill our adds better.”

I know that I shouldn’t have let this get to me, but I was steaming at this point. I had every intention of shoving my rapier in their faces on the next boss.

Turns out… that wasn’t very hard to do.

In fact, those two DPS died so much during the next fight, I was even rezzing the Bard’s butt (as a Red Mage). I had second thoughts about doing it at first. But it made me feel slightly smug that not only did my DPS always top his on the aggro list, but I also didn’t die, and he had to take a rez from me. After he bad-mouthed my DPS.

Take my rez and shove it!

…ahem… Yeah. I was just a little sore at him.

And then, you know what happened after we beat the boss? Those two DPS, who insulted the rest of their team earlier, but died more than anyone else… had the nerve to tell us… “GJ!” “MUCH BETTER!” “NICE JOB!”


Alright. So… our FC folks, aside from Syn (who didn’t notice this going on until I pointed it out to her), were also not happy at being called “bad.” Even though they weren’t DPS. I didn’t get a screenshot of that part of the conversation, but I did get some of the other…

And then at the end of the raid…

Syn also decided to rub it in a bit, doting on the “poor” black mage… and throwing all kinds of extra heals on the DPS. I’m not sure if they noticed, but they did eventually shut up.

The FC thought it was pretty funny, too.