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FFXIV: Do You Want a Balloon?

Well you can’t have one!

The end-raid boss of the new Omega in patch 4.2 is Kefka. And he don’t give no balloons.

I woke up to a one word text today from Syn. Knowing we have a Live Letter today, I had a feeling I knew what it meant, but I still asked for clarification.

2018-01-19 09.21.07

I mean, it’s not every morning you wake up to “Kefka” on your phone. And yes, come to find out, it’s exactly what I thought. The new lineup for 4.2’s Omega bosses.

Oh, and it looks like there are going to be fights on the Phantom Train (rumors that it is the first boss). They dropped a hint that we’d see a Phantom Train battle back during The Rising anniversary celebration in 2015. Seriously. They hinted this two and a half years ago. And I didn’t forget about it… what does that say about me?

FF6 is probably my third favorite Final Fantasy ever, and one I have very fond memories of back when it first came out during my teen years. So while I’m usually not easily excited about raids, this appeals to me in every way possible.

I’m just a tad sad that FF4, my favorite game of all time, got passed over again. But it makes sense to do a FF5 -> FF6 -> FF7 progression. I mean… Sephiroth raid boss should get lots of fans hyped.


The Live Letter is still going on at this point, so the English 4.2 trailer hasn’t been released just yet. I’ll post it when it shows up, probably later today!

Also… housing changes. 😉


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4 thoughts on “FFXIV: Do You Want a Balloon?

  1. As expected, the housing changes don’t alleviate the situation as the real problem is Square’s design. Now, they are restricting personal housing indefinitely. Spoiler: This won’t be fixed due to the cost and time. Band aids of more wards (with some Yoshi P pr speak) is their only option. The one good thing is that they finally set up an account restriction. This should have been in from the start due to their godawful design decisions.

    It might not have been this bad if all the plots were the same size and they had an upgrade mechanism. Small plots are rubbish and are not the ones that most people want. There will continue to be housing issues on high to mid population servers. What an absolute joke.


    1. I have always disagreed with how individuals and free companies have to compete for housing. I remember writing a blog post back when that became a thing about how very disappointed I was in how FFXIV handled personal housing. It remains to me a lazy way to implement it.

      And then, when they finally do give everyone a shot at personal housing (apartments), it’s still smaller and with less features than a small house has. While I own an apartment and a small house, I can understand why players who are really into housing want much more for themselves. I still love the game, but will always say they majorly messed up on housing. Now, it’s coming back to bite them, and the players are the ones who lose.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I agree. Apartments were basically FC rooms. The part I dislike most is the way it is turning players against one another as everyone gets frustrated with the situation. I suspect it is because people realize deep down that this is the housing we are stuck with. They therefore resort to marginalizing each other to get their slice of the pie.

        Liked by 1 person

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