FFXIV: For the Sake of Glamour, PvP Sadness

In the featured image above: Amoon and I admiring his new Odder Otter Lantern. He’s a big fan of otters, and he gifted me my own Odder Otter minion a while back. So, when I saw this new housing item on Reddit yesterday, I knew I had to rush out and get one for his room.

In other news, I’m on the warpath to obtain new glamour that released with 4.2. It’s either my good luck or my misfortune that the pieces I have my eye on are part of the new PvP set.


I’m especially fond of the three in the front from the left – Dragoon, Healer, and Bard/Machinist. Anything with wings on the heels.

I don’t know. The whole Greek/Roman vibe is cool. I just like it because it’s a different style from what you usually find in this game. So, I decided to pick up a few of the pieces for my bard, if nothing else. This set is made for Zuri, so I might go in for a second set on my alt, too.

I had some wolf marks from back when I was PvPing for Garo gear, and was close to buying the chest, which was the most expensive of the pieces. So, I jumped into a Shatter queue, and was shocked by what PvP has become.

Remember back when Stormblood released, the Shatter scene was hopping? I don’t know if it’s because of the new Rival Wings thing, but it’s not anymore.

It used to be nearly insta-queue for 72 man runs. Experience and marks were flowing.

Instead, it took almost 20 mins for a 24 man run last night. I zoned in to a 24 man run and wondered if I’d queued for the wrong thing! I’d never played Shatter with less than 72 people.

It wasn’t quite as fun and chaotic. Seems most people just ignore the PvP and go for ice with smaller groups (which makes sense). My team won, and the match didn’t last super long (took longer to queue), so that was a nice 1000 mark win.

Enough to pick up the chest piece. Thankfully, the rest of the set I want (head and feet) are just 2000 marks. I’d had thoughts of looking into the caster set, too, but after seeing how slow this is going to be, I think I’ll skip and just work on my alt’s set.

The plus is, it dyes nicely. And I already found a purpose for the False Nails glamour from the new beast tribe quests. 🙂

Not finished by any means, but here’s the start to my new Bard Glamour:



  1. Looks nice!

    One of these days I’ll log back in… it’s been 6 weeks now that I’ve been doing Warframe instead. I patched everything up the other night when 4.2 dropped, but haven’t yet logged in. Perhaps this weekend…

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