FFXIV: Achievement Seeking

Achievements are an on-and-off thing with me. Sometimes I’m interested in going after specific ones, especially if they have a neat reward. But mostly I just earn my achievements through regular gameplay, not really paying that much mind to them. After many years of playing FFXIV, I’ve earned quite a few!

Well, with patch 4.2, the first new achievement rewards are in – including a mount and a minion. Depending on the achievement points you’ve earned, you get a currency of certificates to spend at Jonathas (the guy who’s located out in the middle-of-nowhere-Gridania whom you always forget to visit for rewards). The wiki says it’s one certificate per every 50 achievement points you’ve earned.

So, I’m a bit more interested in these achievement points now that I can buy fluff things with them. I decided to take a moment and look through the achievements list for any low hanging fruit, and I discovered something that I’m a little ashamed I missed.

Achievement: Tales of the Hand

Requirement: Complete all the Disciple of the Hand quests available at level 30.

Status: Not Complete

And since it’s a requirement for the achievement¬†The Greatest Tales Ever Told (do level 30 quests on all jobs), I was missing that one, too.

But wait. I’ve had level 50 crafters since before Heavensward launched. How can that be? I finished all the crafting quests up to 50 on all jobs right?



… wrong!

I logged in last night to take a closer look, and I discovered that somehow, several years ago, I totally overlooked the Armorer quest. I’d stopped at level 30, and have never done any of them since!

Granted, I think Armorer was probably the last crafting job I got to 60, and I’m still using a level 52 tool on that poor, ignored job. That’s mostly because my main battle jobs have always been cloth and leather wearing. So heavy gear never mattered much to me.

I “blehed” at myself about it, then got it done. What do you know…

Achievement Accomplished!

Which means…

Also Accomplished

Not only did those give me some nice points, but I also got a title and a crown!

When I went to Jonathas to pick stuff up, I realized I’d been ignoring my achievements. He started throwing all kinds of awards at me — two crowns, a fishing ring, and a Garo mount.

Wait. What?

Oh yeah! The PvP win I got while working on earning my gear finally got me the first Garo mount! While I’m not a huge fan of mechanical horses, it’s the only pegasus I have in the game, so I’ll take it.

Another mount I’m looking forward to earning is this one:

I got to ride the new True Griffon mount last night during the beast tribe quests. While I own the brown collector’s edition mount, I really like the pure white one!

Hopefully, I’ll be able to jump into the story tonight, and maybe dip my toe into Sigmascape this weekend. We’ll see how it goes.