FFXIV: Fashion Report Mini-Game

“Glamour is end game,” is a common joke among FFXIV players.

So, while we got a new Glamour Dresser (Commode) this patch, we also got a new mini-game at the Gold Saucer called Fashion Report!

So once you’ve unlocked the new mini-game through a very short quest in the Gold Saucer, you can talk to Masked Rose to see what this week’s fashion requirements are (you can also view this from your Timers menu). You get a little blank mannequin that shows you the overall theme, which items you’re being judged on, and a hint as to what the correct items are to place in those slots.

This Week’s Challenge

That’s it. That’s all you have to go on.

Now, a few hints we’ve discovered:

  • You must have a piece of gear in all slots, even the ones that don’t have hints. If you don’t, your score will be significantly lower. It doesn’t matter what’s in those slots, just that there’s something there.
  • Different pieces of glamour have different ratings – from 1 to 5 stars.
  • Each item also has a certain amount of points associated with it, depending on how well it fits the hint. Not all 5 star glamours are given the same amount of points!
  • Dye matters With a new update, proper dyes still give points, but are no longer a requirement to reach 100

There’s a thread on Reddit where folks are mulling over the hidden point system, so I’d point you there to see what they’ve figured out so far.

So, once you have your glamour ready, you go back to talk to Masked Rose. He only judges from Friday to reset on Tuesday. You get 4 chances to get it right each week.

You get an automatic 10K MGP prize for just participating. But you get more if you rate above an 80. I got another 40K for reaching above 80 points last week.

This can be tricky!

For example, the ring with the hint “Friend to the End” indicated any ring that dropped from the Vault. Because Haurchefant.

Yeah. It’s really that picky.

It seems the FFXIV Reddit is working together to talk about what works and what doesn’t. But rest assured that any glamour pieces that can be bought are sold out on Friday, and are super expensive all weekend. So try to gather your glamour pieces as early in the week as you can.

Here’s a video that shows this in action:

Aside from MGP, there’s a boutique vendor, Kasumi, next to Masked Rose who sells unique items, including emotes, housing items, glamour and dye. The patch notes indicate that the more you participate in the Fashion Report, the more items will open up to buy.

Overall, it’s a fun little game for the community to take part in. It certainly helps to make certain glamour items more popular, if only for a little while. Just don’t spend too much on it!