FFXIV: Decorating and Gathering Progress

Last week, I had several things on my mind in FFXIV:

  • I was broke
  • I wanted to decorate my house
  • I wanted to level my crafters

With a combination of gardening and timely crafting, I’ve been able to take my gil reserves from 200K to 2 million over the weekend. This probably isn’t a lot to big-time crafters, but for me, it’s an accomplishment!

I’ve not really tried to make gil in FFXIV. The gil I had before this was from selling just whatever retainers brought back to me, drops from treasure hunts, and the occasional materia. This weekend, however, I targeted and crafted for specific markets for the first time.

For example, this week’s Glamour Report was lucrative because people were buying up Flat Caps and Dalamud Red dye. This was great early Friday, until the market dropped on it.

I did fairly well in the contest, myself, considering I didn’t have the optimal shirt:


I don’t think I’ll be saying the same this week, though!

Decorating my house has come along slow but steady. I learned how to use the shelf-placement glitch and got my aquarium placed. I reeled in some of the new aquarium fish (which also sell well) and started working on one end of my front room. It’s far from being done.

I also purchased new housing NPCs, leaning towards a more oriental style. Except for where that just wasn’t available.

One of these things is not like the others…

Instead of working on crafting (though I’m amassing material for leve grinding), I actually turned my attention towards gathering this weekend. I have no idea why.

Okay, yes I do.

I really love the look of the Imitation Oblong Window, so I decided to check out how to craft it. I’m far from actually being able to do this… though I’m thinking more and more about switching to a carpenter specialty crafter at this point.

Anyhow, I noted that most of the materials needed were fairly easy to get, except for the Torreya logs. I did some research on how to get them, and saw it was locked behind a Botanical Fokelore book.

I realized I had a bunch of Fokelore tokens taking up room in my inventory from back when I used to work on such things. I also realized I had a bunch of Red Scrips sitting there unused.

So, I pooled everything I had together, and got off my lazy tail to do last week’s delivery quests. I used to enjoy doing these a lot back during the end of Heavensward. I have no idea why I didn’t keep up with it, or open the new set with M’naago until now.

Bad me!

I did those, and had enough scrips to get the Fokelore book! Awesome! I could harvest Torreya logs! Those sell fairly well on my server, too.

That’s when I noticed I also had a number of Yellow Scrips. So, investigating what I could do with those, I saw that I could upgrade my gathering tools/gear. I went out and harvested the collectable I needed for this task, and got myself a shiny new botany axe!


My botany gear is in bad need of an upgrade, but I’m encouraged by the fact that it was pretty painless to obtain this, and will maybe work on a further upgrade this week.

Now I’m having all sorts of thoughts on rearranging my crafter focus on my main, and things I can possibly do if I leveled crafters on my alts! There’s just not enough time in the day for all this!


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