FFXIV: Drops, Gear & Glamour

Last night was a rather eventful night as the FC pounded through all of the Sigmascape battles. We scrounged for drops, took a few new people through V1 and V2, and I had a pretty successful night all in all.

Ready to fight a train!

I was happy to finally get a second lens, which earned me a headpiece upgrade. I’d come very close to getting it last week, but I rolled a 98 on it and someone rolled a 99! This week, I rolled the 99, and BOOM!

I also gathered up enough tomes to buy my first piece of Mendacity gear — I’m a little behind because I didn’t cap first week, but oh well. Not to mention I came out of the Kefka fight with the minion drop this week – woot!

New Caster Robes & Kefka Minion!

I wasn’t a fan of the bulky style robes on my small character, so I decided to start looking at glamour for my Red Mage, finally. Here’s what I put together:

Messing around in the Reach between raids, I pulled out my Valentine’s half-heart chair mount just for fun. Amoon and I actually ran the instance a few more times last night in order to get both halves of the mount.

I went AFK for a moment and came back to a random stranger completing my other half. 🙂


And on top of all that, I discovered when I checked my retainers this morning that I’d finally sold those Hingan walls I crafted last week. That was a nice, solid chunk of gil, helping me recoup everything I spent on my new house.