FFXIV: Two New Level 70s and a White Griffon Mount

On top of working on my Fashion Leader achievement this past weekend, I’ve been diligently progressing other things in FFXIV. First, as you can see above, I reached the Bloodsworn rank with the Ananta beast tribe, which granted me the True Griffon Mount.

I got teased about “painting” the griffon in our friend-group Discord since we’ve been playing a bit of 7D2D this weekend, too… wherein I love to paint everything, still.

The joke’s on them! 😉

Thanks to working on Beast Tribe quests consistently since Patch 4.2, I leveled my Paladin from 64 to 70! I just dinged 70 Paladin this weekend, and was finally able to equip the mish-mash of tank gear I’d been hanging on to from random end-game drops.

Amoon also helped run some Deltascape 4 for token drops so I could upgrade to a decent Paladin weapon! I thought the Lost Alligan sword and board looked pretty neat, and I love the Rabidnasty chest for tanks.

I also finally sat down to grind out the last half a level I had to ding level 70 Carpenter — my first level 70 crafter! I don’t have much in the way of gear for the job, however, so that’s going to be something I need to work on.

I am happy to say that I kept up with the Carpenter job quests (and caught up on my Weaver, as well).

A scene from the level 70 Carpenter job quest.

Speaking of job quests. Oooooh boy.

The thing about using Beast Tribes, and especially Alliance Roulettes, to level jobs is that it makes it so easy to just forget to do the job quests as you go along. I’m super, super guilty of this. I haven’t touched Paladin or Machinist quests from 60-70, for example.

This weekend, I made it a goal to get some of the questing done. So, I finished all the outstanding crafting quests I had. I also completed Black Mage from 50-60 and Samurai from 50-60.

Scene from a Black Mage job quest

I’ve never been a fan of the Black Mage quests… but the Samurai quest line ended up being more emotional than I expected. I won’t say more about it here as to not spoil anything.

Now that I’ve unlocked all the skills (though I have no idea how to play either job at 60), I feel a bit more comfortable running alliance roulettes with either job. This is because under level 60, you were promised one of the Crystal Tower trio, which I could do in my sleep. But, above level 60, there’s always the chance of getting Weeping City or Dun Scaith… both of which I try to avoid.

I have a feeling that leveling is going to be a bit more rocky due to this, but I’ll try to figure out the rotations and use the maxed-out Beast Tribes to supplement on the side. I’d really like to get both Black Mage and Summoner up to 70 so they can share gear with my Red Mage and free up some space.

I also still have a lot of lower-level jobs that need some squad runs to finally get to 50. That’s something I haven’t concentrated on much, but things I’d like to finish.