FFXIV: Glowsticks for Little Ladies’ Day

I love glowsticks in real life, so when I heard we were getting glowstick emotes for Little Ladies’ Day, color me excited! Getting the three emotes wasn’t too painful — just needed to complete a few short quests and a Fate inside of Ul’dah, which spawns pretty frequently.

The FATE itself was simple but fun, and well attended.

The Songbird trio from the past two years of the event return. This time, instead of helping them reach fame or work through personal issues, you’re attending one of their performances. As the girls come forward on the stage to dance, you target them and use the emote with the corresponding color glowstick.

You also choose one girl to represent…

…and you favor her over the others at any point when more than one girl is dancing at a time.

That’s really all there is to it. The FATE provides tokens you can use to buy the new furniture and orchestrion music.

I know that I’m going to be seeing a lot of this event the next week or so because I really have to have those emotes on all of my alts!


Though that might seem to be all there is this time around, there was a bit of something strange in the final cutscene of the main quest.

I wonder what this means? The FFXIV team rarely drops things like this without a reason. Maybe now that the Songbirds have risen to such popularity, there’s not a lot of direction for their story to take them in.

And then, what about the mysterious follow-up quest? Given the pop-idol tone of the rest of the event, this was a somewhat jarring… somber… and rather gruesome (if you think about it)… story to close the event with.

I can’t help but think that there will be more to this than just what we saw here, and that this quest is the prelude to whatever next year’s Little Ladies’ Day event will focus on.