FFXIV: Knocking Out Those Goals!

You see that picture up there?

That’s Zeb and Magris, both whom glamoured their top level healing gear to look like the Level 1 racial starter gear. They are queuing up for Rabinasty in order to try and freak people out.

It figures that the one time Syn comes to me to ask how to use the Glamour Commode, it’s to troll a raid. Yep.

Making Progress

Anyhow, when I wrote that goals post for this month, I was actually a little stressed out looking at it. It felt like I was shooting for a lot more than I could handle. Turns out, it hasn’t been that bad.

I’ve been working on my weekly Deliveries, which I split between crafting and gathering this week. This earned me the Millkeep’s Saw for my Carpenter, which amusingly looks like a chainsaw.

Don’t mess with crafters!

It’s not the augmented version, yet. I’ll work on that next week.

I also reached Level 70 on my Weaver – one of my goals this month. Granted, I was only three levels away, so all I needed to do was grind leves and do one job quest… but this is finally done!

It’s my second level 70 crafter…. Now I just need to start working on gearing up.

Aside from that, I finally buckled down with my squad and made it to Level 40 Dark Knight! In fact, I even tanked a leveling roulette for the FC and dinged 41.

Woot! Another goal made!

I actually rather enjoy the feeling of the Dark Knight as a tank. I just worry that it might have too much complexity later on for me to feel safe playing it. But for now, I’m going to turn my focus on nudging my Warrior to 40 so they can both share the same tanking gear.

I’m continuing to push through the levels on my Black Mage, as well. This job is currently sitting at level 64. I’d love to get it to 70 by the end of the month, but if I don’t, it’s not a big deal. It’ll get there sooner or later, between Beast Tribe Quests and Alliance Roulettes.

So it looks like most of my FFXIV-related goals are on track for this month! I just need to spread some of my time around to Steam, Switch and Sims games, too.