Mario Odyssey Story Complete!

Warning: There’s some spoilers here for anyone who hasn’t finished the story line for Mario Odyssey.

Though, at the rate I play these games, everyone else has probably already beat it before me. But hey, better late than never!

One of my goals for this year was to complete some of the Switch games that are slowly piling up in a new sort of backlog. Therefore, I’ve been adding Switch game progression to my monthly goal list as well.

I’d left off in a snow world in Super Mario Odyssey the last time I’d played it, so I sat down on Friday to put some more time into it. While I wasn’t super close to being done with the story, I also wasn’t super far from finishing it, either.

By the time I shut down the Switch on Friday night, I was just on the threshold of the final fight with Bowser. I completed the boss fight and the story on Sunday morning.

There were a lot of truly fun moments in this game. I loved the variation of the mechanics they achieved by opening up skillsets based on the type of creature you took control of. All of the worlds were vibrant and full of secrets.

I admit I didn’t expect for Bowser’s Kingdom to look like this (it was really cool):

…or for the final battle to take place on the moon (sounds like a certain Final Fantasy I know of)…

There were also some cool boss battles along the way. I wasn’t a huge fan of the Broodals, which seemed like your standard cartoon-Mario affair. But then you got more serious, unexpected bosses like this awesome dragon…

I thought this moment at the end was too cute. Peach shoots down both Mario and Bowser because they’re squabbling like children for her affection. Even after all he’s just been through, Mario is sitting there patting Bowser’s back reassuringly. 😀

After the showdown with Bowser, the game keeps throwing surprises at you. It makes it very clear that your journey to explore and collect has only just begun. In fact, the very first place the game takes you is to a new little mini-world to explore – The Mushroom Kingdom.

And now there’s achievements and new moons and more coins and a balloon mini-game and…

I will probably revisit the exploration and moon hunting sometime in the future — when I have the itch and more time. But for now, I still have way too many other games I want to spend time with. So, completing story is going to have to do for now.