Expansion: Riverwalk Mountain View Pets

About two weeks ago, I re-entered Second Life as a land owner, thanks to the changes to Mainland ownership for premium members. After doing a long search for a place to live, I settled down on a 1024 next to Riverwalk in Gandymede. I bought the plot for a steal of a price, and the seller remained on a 1024 lot right next door. I never had any contact with the guy, but I tried my best to keep my land looking somewhat  similar to the theme him and the other neighbor behind me already had.

It was a somewhat narrow fit, and a bit of a pain to build on because it was a hilly slope. I ended up with something that looked like this:

I had planned on adding trees and other things, but never got around to doing it. Because of the hill, I didn’t have room to place my kitty shop on the ground level, and put it in a little skybox instead.

Despite my efforts to keep the place looking fairly consistent, the guy next door still slapped up ban lines around his plot, which was a bit annoying. I didn’t mess with his stuff or poke my nose on his land. I also didn’t ever see him there. Same for the neighbor who owned the tiny lot behind me.

Well, all of that changed this weekend. I think it was late night on Thursday when I noticed that the ban lines were gone next door… and so was all of my neighbor’s stuff. He’d put that lot up for sale, too.

A few things ran through my mind about this — namely, getting someone who wasn’t as quiet moving in next door. 1024 land is getting snatched up right and left due to the changes to premium. This lot was a tad more expensive than what I paid, but still not bad for legacy land. I knew I could buy it and merge it with my own, and then I’d have a bit of flat land along with the hill… and a whole lot more prims to work with.

I considered it a whole 3 minutes before I pulled the trigger, and now I have quite a bit more land to decorate!

I was able to not only bring my pet shop down to ground level, but place a small house for myself, a hangout for my friends, build a waterfall and a pond, and place a campsite and gazebo outside.

Work in Progress Pics

I added a mountain path pre-built piece, where I could place buildings, such as the Hangout and my shop. This helped with the issue I had where the slopes and hills were preventing me from using the land well. Along the side of the tallest cliff, I built the waterfall.

On the back side of this, next to the Hangout, I put the little camp site for outside recreation.

I made some nifty neon signs for our Hangout. Inside, we have a TV, some lounging chairs, a playable Tetris arcade game and the golden throne. 🙂

Some fireworks over the Hangout.

The next day we had a zombie invasion at the Hangout, but I had my sheep gun ready to fend them off! While riding a giant Peep. Don’t ask.

And yet more fireworks, in front of my shop.

Yesterday I noticed that the neighbor who owned the tiny bit of land behind my place (whom I’ve never once seen there), abandoned that tiny piece of land. So that means the entire mountain behind me is now completely abandoned.

I never like to see land abandoned in SL. However, the upside is that everything there is somewhat “protected” for a while… unless these pieces of land go to auction. We all know how often that happens. This land in particular isn’t easy to build on due to the slopes. And the ground covering being mountain will probably keep folks away from wanting it much (I used a prim mapper to make my ground cover grassy rather than stone).

So, for now, it looks like my Riverwalk Mountain View will remain quiet and peaceful.