FFXIV: Tales from the Duty Finder – “Does my tanking bother you?”

I’m not sure what it is about Labyrinth of the Ancients that brings out the best in people. We’ve also been getting it a lot in alliance roulette lately.

I’ve moved on to leveling my Summoner, so I’ve mostly been concentrating on figuring out how to work a new job in a big raid. That’s probably why I missed most of the fireworks until the grand finale last night.

We had a tank on the C team who decided it was a a great idea to pull all the fights before pretty much anyone in the rest of the raid made it to the room. Consistently. I guess there must have been in-fighting among the tanks for aggro and stuff, too. Again, I was mostly involved in my own DPSing, so I didn’t get the whole story.

This kind of stuff happens, but I guess it was worse than I realized. It wasn’t until the last boss, Phlegethon, when this particular tank got called out for his behavior.

This must have struck a nerve, because though no one else made another comment during the whole final boss fight, he went on and on and on in response.

He wasn’t positioning Phlegethon right, so I guess another one of the tanks were trying to provoke the boss off him and reposition correctly. He had something to say about that.

Somewhere around the second Ancient Flare, the C Tank died, and he stayed dead for the rest of the fight. I don’t know if he killed himself on purpose. I’m not sure if he stayed dead because his healers weren’t rezzing him, or if he was refusing their rezz. I can only imagine him doing something like this:

It was no big deal to be down one tank, though, and we easily cleared the last boss. Then, after the fight was over… and still no one said another thing during the whole battle… he kept on and on. Even after most of the raid had left the instance!

He was talking a little scary at that point, so that’s when I left, too.

Alliance Roulette – All fun, all the time! 😀